What Tips Can You Give To Someone Buying A Diamond Ring?

Buying a diamond ring can be challenging because you have to look for something of your money’s worth. They are pricey but classy, that’s why people love them. As a buyer, be wise by knowing the two important things before buying diamonds. The first one is choosing the right diamond dealer and the second one is the quality of the diamond. Better have an idea of things to know about the diamond jeweler and about the diamond itself before you start shopping.

Tips When Buying A Diamond Ring

Narrow Down What Shape You Want. 

There are several shapes of diamonds and they come at different prices. So before you start shopping make sure to have a specific shape you want for your diamond ring. Round brilliant diamonds are the most popular shape since they can match any fashion statement, however, you can choose a more fancy shape such as the cushion cut or oval so you can have a more unique diamond ring. Other fancy shapes are also available so have a specific shape you prefer so you can easily choose once you go to the jewelry store. Narrowing your choices of shape can save you time and avoid confusion. 

Choose A Metal For The Band. 

Choosing a durable metal can be ideal since this can support the longevity of your diamond ring. Invest in a good metal that is durable enough to secure your stone in place for a long time as well as match your skin color to avoid contrast when you wear your ring. The most common choices are platinum, gold, and silver. 

Have A Carat Size In Mind. 

Knowing what carat of diamond you will be buying can even make shopping easier for you. Put in mind that as the carat of the diamond increases the prices also go up since they are priced per carat. Use an online app or tool to get the accurate pricing of the diamond you want so you can prepare your budget for it. Carats that are less than whole numbers can be much cheaper, for instance, a 0.95-carat diamond can have a hundreds or a thousand price difference from that of a 1.0-carat diamond so make a good choice. 

Get Measured Correctly. 

Right-sizing is important when buying a ring, no one wants to wear a tight or loose diamond ring. Have your fingers measured properly before finalizing your ring? Customized rings are indeed designs for the wearer but for tigs that are readily made make sure they can be resized perfectly for you.  

Consider How Your Engagement Ring Will Look With Your Wedding Band. 

If you are purchasing an engagement ring make sure to match the wedding band you will be getting soon. Or better yet buy an engagement wedding band ring set to make sure they match. Most women want to wear their engagement ring and wedding ring even after the wedding so make sure both match together when they are worn. 

Always Buy Certified.

Certified diamonds can be safer than those without certificates. So when purchasing, always ask your seller if their diamonds are certified and whose certified theme also matters. The most popular evaluator of diamonds is the Gemological Institute of America and the American Gem Society. If the diamonds you are about to buy are certified by either of these two then you are assured. 

Make Sure The Certificate Matches The Diamond. 

Check on the certificate and the diamond itself. Most stores have tools that can be used to check on the diamonds and they are done right in front of you. The honest diamond dealer would be willing to demonstrate the features of your diamond to let you know they are indeed giving you what you paid for. 

Be Smart About The Quality Of The Cut And Clarity.

Having knowledge of the 4cs of the diamond can come in handy when you purchase your diamond. This way you can determine the right attributes for your diamond. For the cut, always choose an excellent cut diamond since they can be more durable, and for clarity the lesser inclusion the better. Eye-clean diamonds can be the best choice since flawless ones are pricey and rare. VS1-VS2 grade is recommended. 

What Is Most Important When Buying A Diamond?

Certified diamonds can be best since they can give you assurance that the diamonds are indeed authentic. Always consider the overall quality of the diamond since this can make your diamond last longer. 

So what tips can you give to someone buying a diamond ring? Always be knowledgeable about diamonds and prepare ahead. Apply the tips given above and it can surely help you find the right diamond ring. 

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