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Why Choose to Be a Per Diem Nurse?

One of the nursing jobs that nurses can get is the per diem job. As a nurse, you have to be familiar with the job before you apply for them. In this way, you can determine if a per diem job is indeed for you. Know more about per diem nurse jobs so you can be ready once you decide to become one. 

What is a Per Diem Nurse?

Per diem nurses are nurses who work for a day, a shift, or a few hours. The Greek word per diem means per day, therefore per diem nurses work for a day or a few days. They also get their pay every day that’s why they are called per diem nurses. Most per diem nurses work under agencies since they can get more job assignments. 

What are the Roles of a Per Diem Nurse?

As per diem nurses they have to be able to fill in the duties needed to be performed during the hours or day they are assigned to in the healthcare facility, which usually includes:

Administering Medications 

Medication is given on time and proper doses are important for patients. As per diem nurses, they should be able to know the right medicines to give and the right schedule during their given shift. They have to check the medical history of each patient before they give the medicines needed by the patients. They also have to be familiar with methods of giving medications. 

Assisting Patients with their needs 

Patients need assistance most of the time and per diem nurses should be able to give them the help they need. Part of the per diem nurse’s job is to assist patients when any procedure is needed during their shift.

Updating Medical Records

Records should be updated for every procedure, medication, and other important details that are done during the shift. In that way, the next nurses will know what needs to be done and what is finished. Reporting any important update to the physician is also part of the per diem nurse’s duty. 

Pros of Being a Per Diem Nurse

Flexible Schedule 

Per diem nurses don’t need to report every day and work on a fixed schedule. They only work when they have assignments. So they have free time to do the things they want. The best part of being a per diem nurse is you can decline assignments if you think you are not available at that time or if you have more important matters to attend to. 

Higher Hourly Rate

Per diem nurses get a higher rate compared with regular nurses. Since they are not full-time nurses they get to be paid higher to compensate for the benefits they don’t get since they are not considered employees under the healthcare facilities. 

Lesser Burnout 

Per dome nurses experience lesser burnouts since they only work for a short period and if they have to work for a few days they can still get a rest after their assignment. They can refresh their body and mind by taking a few days’ rests if they wish to. 

How To Find an Agency For a Per Diem Nurse Job?

Ask recommendations from Fellow Nurses

Nurse staffing agencies are popular since the demands for nurses are high. Asking recommendations from nurses you know can be a good way to find a good agency. Checking on the ones nearest to you and checking on their online platforms can also be a good way to compare their offers. 

Check on Feedbacks 

Since online platforms are accessible, check the feedback and testimonials from their nurses and clients so you can measure if they are the ones you are looking for. 

Know their Rates and Benefits

As a nurse, you should know what you need, and looking for the right agency that can give this is essential. Take advantage of the good compensations given to per diem nurses while the demand is high. Know the rates and the benefits they give their nurses and pick one that can meet your expectations.

So why choose to be a per diem nurse? The reasons are enough to make you want to work as a per diem nurse, so start serving for the right nurse staffing agency for you. 

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