Top Tips to Avoid Falling and Lead a Quality Life

Research studies show that elderly people are prone to accidentally falling such that in every four elderly people, one is always at a risk of falling. Suddenly falling can result in outcomes that are clearly unfavorable.


The elderly can break their bone, have a joint twisted, receive minor or serious injuries, feel helpless, and emotionally traumatized. The consequences of a fall are both emotional and physical – which is not a good thing to face in old age.

A fall can happen due to many reasons. As a person ages, they can be met with different health conditions which cause their body organs to run out of function. The different and usual health conditions that cause any elderly to suddenly fall are.

  • Weak eyesight

  • Loss of balance

  • Nervous debility

  • Weak muscles

  • A problem in walking properly


There are several other conditions that can cause an elderly person to lose.

This blog post will now share the practical tips for the purpose of helping you prevent falling.

Work on Mobility and Improvement of Strength

You need to keep yourself indulged in physical activities to stay active. The activities you do should be enjoyable. You can do regular exercises like tai chi, yoga, or just go out for a walk.By doing different movements in the form of exercises and walking, you will keep your strength, vigor, and balance perfectly. This way, you will bring down your fear of falling and nurture the confidence of movement within.


However, it’s necessary to visit your physical therapist that offers fall prevention therapy for seniors. Your doctor or therapist will guide you on what therapies, exercises, and activities are best for you.The focus of your physical therapist will be to ensure that you maintain balance, strength, and the capability of doing daily life tasks.

Go for a Screening

You should visit your therapist for a falls screening test. A professional physical therapist that has experience in treating elderly patients has the expertise to assess your fall risk and partner with you to find ways to decrease your risk of falling down.

You need to properly tell them about your situation. Let them know if you feel any pain in your head, there’s a sudden loss of balance, or you have trouble seeing clearly. Also, tell them about the times you fell, be it one time or several times, and how did it happen.

Properly Take Medications

Bear this in mind if you are taking more than four medicines, then chances are high that you will fall. Many medications cause dizziness, loss of balance, vision problems, and more.

In case you have such symptoms, it’s time to tell the doctor and have the medicines reviewed, to prevent the chances of falling. Be the medicine is from a medical cannabis flower, homeopathy, or allopathy, the prescription will be changed.

Remove any Hazardous Things from Your Home

You need to have a look around your home to find out things that can cause you to fall due to slipping or tripping.

Once you’ve identified it, the next step is to simply have a friend or family member remove that thing.


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