Toyota New Car Reviews and Features

Toyota Motor Corporation is a multinational automotive company. it focuses on the manufacturing of vehicles. Its headquarter is located in Aichi, Japan. Toyota is among the world’s largest automobile companies. Toyota produces more than 10 million vehicles every year. 

Toyota has contributed to the production of advanced technology vehicles in the world. It has gained trust, and it provides its drivers with great safety and reliability. Toyota is also among the oldest automobile manufacturers.

Specifications of Toyota New Cars


This company started its journey in the middle of 1937. At that time, it started contributing to the world’s automobile emerging wants and needs. Toyota became able to emerge soon and make progress by leaps and bounds. It produced quality vehicles that fascinated everyone.

Today, Toyota appears to be among the world’s largest vehicle-producing multinational manufacturers. Toyota New Car Yaris has been on the ground and beating all other comparable variants. Toyota company always produces the vehicle exactly by human central philosophy to give the drivers the real feel of driving.

Facelift and Headlights

There are much more new vehicles manufactured by Toyota that are flabbergasting. In Toyota New Car Yaris and Toyota Vios, there have been changes concerning facelift. 

The design of the vehicle is kept under the consideration and both of these vehicles come with LED headlights. Not only that, there exists DRLs flanking a violent front that imparts a cleaner appearance than the pre-facelift model.


It is to be noted that all the new variants use the same engine which is a 2NR-VE, 1.5 L, four-cylinder engine that is paired with CVT. This produces the torque of 140 Nm and 107 PS. 


The new variants as Yaris or Vios retain the wheels of 16-inch from the pre-facelift. 


There is a little change in the new variants concerning the interior of new vehicles. The interior design is fascinating, and from the outside, it gives dark-grey and other colors that increase its visibility to the viewers. Toyota has used the most advanced IT system in all the new variants that making it preferable for the drivers. 

There is an installation of a 7-inch touchscreen display that provides you with all the information on the go. This gives a very beautiful look to the cars to have a bigger screen. The latest technology used in the display system supports the Apple CarPlay and Android Auto.

Some of the variants use the Optitron instrument cluster. This does not end here. There is a wireless charger in the Toyota new cars. The wireless charger has been installed in the car’s center console. There are rear DVRs. 

Not many changes occurred concerning the interior design, fabric seats, and other looks. 


There are 7 airbags in the Toyota new cars, especially Yaris and Vios. There is a panoramic view monitor and a blind-spot monitor which comes with a rear cross-traffic alert. The panoramic view monitor lets you park the vehicle without hitting curbs.

There has been an additional change in Vios and Yaris that both these cars utilize the TSS (Toyota Safety Sense) and ADAS. There is VSC, HAC, and Traction Control as a standard in all variants.

The facelift models of Toyota have AEB and Safety Sense Lane Departure Assist.

This makes them the among the safest cars.

Comfortable Ride

The comfort of the passengers has been kept into consideration. In comparison to any other car, Toyota’s new car Yaris does provide a very comfortable ride. 

Fuel Efficiency

The new variants keep you safe on fuel. It has been experimentally shown that all new variants such as Vios and Yaris give a fuel consumption of 5.8-liter/100 Km. The new variants keep you safe concerning the fuel.


Toyota has given a good dashboard concerning the quality material. It fits perfectly and gives a beautiful look as Toyota always has.


As far as, we have discussed the Toyota new cars, it shows that already available and upcoming models have a good appearance, fuel-efficient engine, safest and much more regarding the vehicles. This is so true that Toyota has always been the choice of riders when it comes to the design, and a reliable drive. 

It gives great comfort to the drivers. All the new variants that have been introduced, and some are coming, give a tough time to their competitors.


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