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There’s been a lot of talks recently about the need for more “realistic dialogue” between the two sides of this issue. Some people (like myself) are frustrated with the fact that it’s happening, but some others feel like it should be happening since we got here. The thing is, the story of my life with Doug Wright Holland and knight is not one where real and authentic conversations happen. I think people forget the time when there was talk among White college-age men about what they wanted to become or if they were going to go anywhere, what their friends thought of them, etc. These conversations are still taking place today.

For all these reasons, my only hope is that people start to realize that maybe something needs to change in order to make our politics fairer. We are at different points in history, yet in order to have an open society, we need to have an open mind. That’s why I think people have to stop treating everything as a piece of cake, so let’s get to what matters now.

I think people who don’t understand the difference between right and wrong should take a step back and see how many times this happened before. A man who has a conservative-leaning streak in him was on stage telling a crowd his favorite conservative song came from Michael Jackson. He was dressed up, with a microphone and a mic stand, looking down at the crowd. It’s hard to tell the audience what direction he was coming from.

Then he started talking about “real” conservatives, saying conservative values are good and important. The question asked was then how could anybody deny the existence of Trump. So he turned around and began talking about conservatives like Michael Flynn, Ted Cruz, and Richard Spencer. All of them are just fine and respectful people. But there’s one guy standing there who doesn’t seem to care that much about social media.

At the same time, Donald Trump is the loudest voice out there, especially because he knows exactly what to say and how to speak. This whole night of the town hall meetings seemed phony. Even though the questions were fake, people kept asking anyway. When asked about Joe Biden’s background, he claimed he doesn’t do any research, despite the fact that he is a Ph.D. candidate at Harvard.

Also, the moderator, the woman you might call grandma. She said she didn’t know anything. When she made statements about Obama being born in Kenya, the lady said they had to ask her permission. So yes! Nobody is allowed to be ignorant of anything except their own ignorance. Also, it seemed like she forgot his name. So I’m sorry mom, but your ignorance of things is bad for me. Just remember this, folks. Now she can sit by herself and watch everyone else fight over Twitter.

So I thought it had gone and everyone would go home

But they’re no longer at home because Trump is leading us towards chaos. No matter what happens next, whether the Democratic Party wins or the Republicans win, Trump will leave office as president, as president. His followers cannot be stopped. They all want a leader they believe will do better and give them answers.

And, if you ask any Republican, they’ll say “we still have a job to do

That night I couldn’t sleep because I was thinking about those students and teachers who have dreams that may never come true. Or maybe they’ll never see those high school seniors they worked so hard to prepare for their careers. Like Mike Tyson once did. Maybe they can have it after their dream is done, maybe they’ll be able to accomplish it by themselves.

It made me reflect on my own dreams and how much of a coward I was for letting people talk about politics without putting them in the middle of an actual conversation. Yes, my father taught me how to speak at length, but I was shy and reserved for the most part. So it’s easy to lose sight of this topic because other people are having a similar experience. You’re afraid of losing your status quo.

When people talk about Trump, they aren’t worried that they are saying “I can’t hear you,” they’re just scared that the guy who was supposed to represent them is making comments about their lives. Someone else has their eye on a particular future they want for their kids. Someone else has to answer your prayers and guide you through your path to success.

I always thought liberals and conservatives would eventually go away together with their parties. My dad thinks it’s ridiculous. Why? Who cares if they are rich or poor? How are you going to help your kids get into college? If you live in New York, you have to have a car.

If you live in California, you have to have jobs, you can’t retire until you are 65. As long as you have power, money, and influence, you will keep getting more of what you want. People won’t care how they lived their life the way they did five decades ago because they’re living in a world where nobody gets what they have not worked for. In order to stay relevant today, they need to be in government now, working for a person in power.

If you’re tired of trying to explain what kind of country you are, get out of the business of being poor. I’d rather work for someone who believes in doing more than talking shit about you or getting out. Tell me what I need. Because the last couple of nights you heard Democrats talk about the economy getting stronger and Republicans tell us it is getting worse.

I don’t buy either position, which brings me to another point. Why did the democrats and Republicans think they wouldn’t run across red lines, and the Republican candidate even said so? Does that mean the other Republican candidate will start doing stuff like that too? I’m glad he said that so people can see it, but that means it could also happen tomorrow. Is anyone really ready to be in this arena? Are we?

Of course, one week isn’t enough

We need three months or even years for Trump to concede and admit defeat. Can he ever accept that it was all a farce and finally give up his ego, his showmanship, his lies, his constant tweeting? Maybe then we would be living in a fair and free society. But until then, I hope that every day you see politicians like Mike Pence, Bill Barr, Paul Ryan, Mitch McConnell, Chris Christie, etc. not believing in America means nothing at all. After this election, these guys are going to continue saying what they said in 2016, only time will tell if he’s really going to listen. Only time will tell if we are serious about saving a republic that Donald J. Trump isn’t going to destroy. Time will tell if America’s future looks like a failed state or a successful democracy.

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