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December Global Holidays Lyrics


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In this section, we will be exploring a December global holiday song. We are going to cover the lyrics of the song and how they pertain to the title of this section – “December global holidays”

An introduction to what is happening in the song, its lyrics, and how they relate to a December global holiday

The lyrics to the song include, “Happy December greetings from the North Pole”, “Spread cheer and joy with good times and laughter”, and “Love is what we all need for Christmas time.”We must remember to be kind, not to judge, and never forget that the true meaning of Christmas is best shared with family and friends.

December is a month full of celebrations and we are sure that you all want to know what are the global holidays in December this year! No need to worry, we wrote a song for you with lyrics about the December global holidays.

A time-honored standby of the holiday-movie season has been a montage of all the different celebrations around the world. The new movie “The Grinch” has a song that celebrates these holidays with lyrics by rhyming words in different languages. The song ends with a question:

What do people do on their days off?

What do they eat, what do they wear?

What if you’re Jewish, what are you doing then?”

This article is not meant to be an answer to this question, but I will add it as a discussion point for future work.

The lyrics were written by rapper Pitbull. He had been commissioned to write the song by Global Citizen

The first use of the song was at a concert event on December 1, 2018, in Central Park, New York City as part of the Global Citizen Festival

Pitbull is an American rapper and composer who has written many different songs, including “Timber” which became a massive international hit in 2013. The lyrics of this song are about remembering the December holidays and the festive mood that goes with them.

The list of all December global holidays is given below

December has a number of international holidays and it’s a good idea to plan your schedule accordingly. This article lists the December global holidays and provides some songs that celebrate them.


International Migrants Day

World Diabetes Day

World AIDS Day

Saint Nicholas Day or Santa Claus Day or Father Christmas Day

International Youth Day (Youthful Concerns)

 COPPA Awareness Day for Protecting Children on the Internet from Potentially Harmful Content (US) – also Child Protection Awareness Month in Australia and New Zealand (Child Protection Month) 12th – International Volunteer’s day 19th – Human Rights day

December is a time of joy and happiness. Not only are we celebrating the holidays with our family, friends, and loved ones, but December also brings traditions like caroling, Jingle Bells, and caramels. The words “Merry Christmas” and “Happy New Year” reach out to us from across the globe. We hope you all enjoy this list of holiday songs!

This list is by no means exhaustive but it does cover most of the popular holiday tunes for December

Included in this list are lyrics to each song so that you can sing along or just read along as you listen to music on your phone or computer. The lyrics of the holiday songs are a map of culture and society, touching on everything from politics to the social climate.

“The Earth is in need of peace, we all want to say it.” This line is taken from “We wish you a Merry Christmas,” and it hints at an important historical fact: Christmas was originally celebrated as a pagan festival, which was eventually Christianized. Much like these songs, December has its own traditions that are meant to commemorate aspects of pagan culture. One of these is the observance of Saturnalia in Rome during the winter solstice. Festivities would begin with people wearing animal skins and masks in order to represent Janus, Saturn’s two-headed son who could see into both past and future.

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