Lunar Phases In Astrology

Did you know that the Moon’s phase at the time of your birth might reveal some of your personality traits? There are two methods for determining the Moon phase in which you were born. The first and most straightforward method is to use a free birth chart calculator that incorporates Moon phases to enter your birth time, date, and place. The phase of the Moon at any given time — and the cycle you were born under — has a tremendous impact on your life, thinking, and mood, much as the Sun’s position in the sky may help foretell your personality traits and even affect current events.

Lunar Phases in astrology help a great deal. They are crucial in personality traits and even while reading your birth charts.

New Moon

When the Sun and Moon are in the same zodiac sign, the New Moon starts. The New Moon, when the Moon aligns with the Earth and the Sun, is always the darkest. Many people born on the New Moon have a strong sense of intuition. Because there was no guiding light there when you were born, you learn to listen to yourself and your instincts. This enthusiasm might make you independent, and touch is daring. New Moons signify new beginnings or the beginning of a trip; you’ve come to welcome new experiences and chances.

Waxing Crescent

It’s critical to progress toward your monthly goals and intended achievements during a waxing crescent. Now is the moment to begin sowing the seeds of your future success. Take the initial steps toward your objectives and the changes you want to make. This Moon symbolizes intentions; this is frequently when we see the results of events that started at the new Moon’s beginning. Those born on the crescent moon are bold and resolute, with a strong desire to follow what appears to be an inner mandate or personal impulse. Ask astrologers to examine your lunar phase when you were born to determine the right path for you.

First Quarter

Half of the Moon’s face may be seen in the sky during a First Quarter Moon, which occurs halfway between a New Moon and a Full Moon. Now that we’ve planted our seeds and seen them emerge above ground, what’s next?

People born under the sign of the First Quarter Moon may feel as though they are in a constant state of crisis. You have a stronger urge to build a name for yourself, and you feel compelled to do it in front of your parents and others. This natural tension is felt by those born during this time, and it drives you to take action and stay motivated no matter what.

Waxing Gibbous

The Moon seems larger than half-full but not full during this phase, becoming larger. It’s a good moment to examine where you are with your objectives and goals, as well as your strategy for the future. Those born on a Gibbous moon are motivated to better others and themselves. They have a natural aptitude to thoroughly examine things, resulting in bringing things to a good finish.

Full Moon

Throughout this phase, the Sun and Moon are in opposition in the sky, focusing intensely on relationships and partnerships.

Romantic, platonic, and even familial relationships can help Full Moon kids develop and learn the most about themselves. This Moon phase is also tense because you must learn to balance two competing elements of your nature properly. You may be drawn to extremely different people from you, which encourages you to grow even more.

Waning Gibbous Moon

This is a perfect opportunity to reflect on your deeds from the previous month and brainstorm methods to improve your life’s path.

You have an intrinsic capacity to exhibit what you have learned, and you fight for what you believe in if you were born under this Moon.

The Waning Gibbous Moon is all about disseminating knowledge and helping people. This Moon phase represents the teacher, and you have intuitive insight if you were born during this phase.

Last quarter Moon

The Sun and Moon are in a tight square aspect once again, but the Moon is losing rather than gaining light this time. This Moon phase represents a pivotal moment in one’s life when one’s personality and outlook change dramatically.

If you were born during this period, you might discover that your journey leads you to let go of what you previously knew to go on a new path, which might confuse many of your closest loved ones. Your intuition takes you in a different direction, changing the trajectory of your destiny.

Waning Crescent

A declining crescent moon is an ideal moment for some relaxation; this is the moment to relax and unwind now that you’ve established a solid foundation. If you were born on a full moon, you might have a strong desire to help others through organized groups and social institutions.


In this article, we explain the phases of moon rotation. You will get to know about the phases and the importance of that. We hope you liked this article.

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