10 Interesting Startups on 3D Printing Technology

Over the past years, from designing to manufacturing, 3D printing start-ups evolved from cutting-edge to well-established brands. If we talk about numbers, then approx $13 billion of the global market that 3D printing stood at in 2020 and post covid, it is expected to grow at a higher pace.

By considering all data, it can be said that the growth of this revolutionary manufacturing process is not going to decrease because new business is created every year, and this startup stands in a position to create fast, cost-effective and prototypes to entice ventures and investors.

In this article, we will pick you up top 10 interesting startups on 3D printing technology that you should follow.

  1. Relatively space
  2. SelfCAD
  3. Barney London
  4. Organovo
  5. Pirate 3D
  6. Endurance Lasers
  7. XJet
  8. Xometry
  9. Additive Industries
  10. Multiply Labs
  • Relativity space: Six years ago, Tim Ellis and Jordan Noone founded Relativity space. It is an American-based aerospace manufacturing company situated in Los Angeles, California. Relativity space designs and manufactures 3D-printed rockets. In 2019 this company took the position in most innovative companies. Their five-year search growth has increased by 3100 percent.

This company was visualized to be the first to launch a fully 3D printed launch vehicle into orbit. In 2021 relativity space has brought funding of approximately $1.335 billion. The company is targeted to launch the first rocket named terran1 in 2022.

  • SelfCAD: SelfCAD is another interesting startup in the 3D printing industry. They provide an easy-to-use 3D modeling software for users of all levels. SelfCAD runs both online and there is a downloadable version. In addition to being software for creating 3D models for 3D printing, it also has other important features and tools like rendering, simple animations, and even slicing capabilities. If you would like to design your designs for 3D printing, this is the best program you should use.
  • Barney London:  Banneya London foundation was laid up by Nimesh Thakrar, and Misa Zahar graduated from London business school in 2016. They started jewel tech innovation through 3D printing, redefining intricate jewelry designs through 3D printing. They were nominated for best digital innovation in British luxury

Barney London collaborates with different existing brands and offers them to create exclusive and customized designs through 3D printing. Their innovative modeling technology offers adorable intricate designs to their customers. All proposed designs can be customized online as well as with home service.

  • Organovo: Organovo is a well-established biotech startup founded by Taylor J. Crouch in 2007. It is a biotech company that focuses on designing and developing three-dimensional human tissue; this process is also known as 3D bioprinting technology. The company develops biological printed materials or 3D human tissue in this process. It helps researchers to learn about human tissues without putting anyone at risk.

Organovo creates artificial human tissue, which functions the same as human tissues. This company creates synthetic tissues and creates printing materials like liver tissues to study the actual working of tissue without taking anyone at risk. Organovo uses NovoGen MMX bioprinter for 3D bioprinting. This startup has been growing at a pace because Organovo pioneered 3D bioprinting using 3D printing and gave the researchers real experience.

  • Fractal works: Rohit Asil and Vijay Raghav Varada founded Fractal works in 2013. Both graduate from one of India’s top private engineering institutions, Manipal University. It is a 3D printer manufacturing and product development company and provides 3D printing and manufacturing services. It is one of the most growing 3D printing start-ups in India. They also use their 3D printing background in robotics to make 3D printers.
  • Pirate 3D: Pirate 3D is another dancing startup initiated in 2012 by three graduates and one professor. They are equipped with two offices: an admin and marketing office, and another is an engineering office. The first( marketing and administrative) office is in Palo Alto, and their main engineering branch is situated in Singapore. 

It has created a 3D printer known as Buccaneer that is fully assembled and affordable. It is famous because it provides you with cloud 3D printing in which you can easily alter different 3D designs and easily print them. This printer can easily connect WiFi through any device, and you can access this 3D printer remotely. To do so, they came up with the 3D printing software pirate 3D, where you can land up with different customization and edits easily, which you don’t get in another 3D printing software.

  • XJet:  XJet is an Israeli startup and provides high-definition 3D printing solutions. It is a company that creates metals for manufacturing using cartridges of liquid material. If you go through different options of metal printers, you will find that they use dust fillings filled by hands, but in the case of XJet, you can use liquid metal at a minimal affordable price.

This company has taken a step as a pioneer to replace the costly conventional methods of printing parts by bringing affordable, cost-effective components into the market. In 2016 XJet first developed its Nanoparticle Jetting technology.

  • Xometry:  Xometry was founded in 2013 by Randy Altschuler, headquartered in Derwood, Maryland. It is an online marketplace where consumers can find distributors for customized 3D parts and prototypes. They provide more than 4000 distributors on their website. From 3D printing to injection molding, every component you can get at an affordable price. You can not only get components of 3D printing, but also you can get distributors of CNC machines, injection molding, and many more. Within five years, its search growth has increased by 252 percent.

It has raised around $150 million in venture capital funding. By June 2021, after post lockdown, its shares started dancing on the Nasdaq Global Select Market under the symbol of XMTR.

  • Endurance Lasers. This is another startup in 3D printing. They manufacture 3D printer attachments for laser engraving and laser cutting. The solid diodes and laser attachments they produce can turn your 3D printer into a powerful laser engraver and laser cutter and it will have the ability to engrave and cut wood, glass, cardboard, acrylic, etc. You can check out the endurance website and win for yourself an endurance laser at a cheaper price during this festive season.
  • Additive Industries: Established in 2012, Additive Industries is a 3D metal printer startup known for manufacturing high-quality metal parts in the Netherlands. It provides services specifically aimed at high-end and demanding industries. It provides services in a wide range from metal additive manufacturing to industrial markets.
  • They manufacture 3D metal printers and provide services in aerospace and energy to high-tech companies. This company was also shortlisted for the best 3D Printing Industry Awards. You can access their service centers in the USA, UK, and Singapore.
  • Multiply Labs: Multiply Labs is a robotics technology start-up that provides autonomous services to Pharma companies. It was founded by Fred Parietti and Alice melocchi.  Alice was a Ph.D. scholar in the chemical engineering department of MIT. She was used to creating drugs then Alice approached Fred to build robotics parts for disabled people. So they mutually decided to offer services to develop a robotics pharmaceutical manufacturing company using 3D printing.


Every industry is coming up with new ideas and initiatives; likewise, the interesting startups on 3D printing technology have also changed the 3D printing industry.

If you want to grow in the field of 3D printing, then you should get some new ideas and follow some startups that are taking the 3D printing technology to a new level with their unique initiatives.

In this article, we have mentioned some of the leading startups based on 3D printing technology. You will get inspiration and ideas from it. If you have any questions or doubts, feel free to ask, we will respond quickly.

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