5 Solutions for Overcoming the Fear of Needles

Since COVID-19 broke out in 2020, people have spent a lot of time evaluating their health. As the vaccine continues to make its way through populations and communities, many people have flocked to get their shots. However, some people have been a little hesitant.

Although people don’t like to admit it, part of their hesitation could come from a fear of needles. Experts estimate that a quarter of the American population suffers from a fear of injections. That figure amounts to millions of people.

Many people wonder how to get over a fear of needles. If you’re one of them, then you’re in luck! In this article, we’ll provide five tips for overcoming this fear.

1. Overcome a Fear of Needles: Look Away From the Injection

One of the ways you can face down a fear of needles is, ironically, to look away. If you can’t stand the sight of needles, find another site to focus on. Most injections take only seconds to complete.

While that happens, close your eyes or focus on something away from the needle. Before you know it, you’ll have your injection.

2. Use Relaxation Techniques

Have you ever attended a yoga class? What about group exercises?

What do all of these have in common? Each of them utilizes breathing regulation. Breathing regulation gives you something to focus on while doing strenuous activities.

Why not use those techniques when you need a shot? Close your eyes, slow your breathing, and concentrate on that until the doctor finishes your dosage.

3. Find a Role Model

Do you have a friend who’s not scared of needles? What about a significant other? If so, maybe you can schedule your vaccinations together.

Watching somebody else stonewall a vaccination can encourage you to imitate their behavior. It may seem embarrassing, but some sources suggest this method works.

4. Tensing Your Muscles

Some people have a fear of needles that they feel faint at the sight of them. When this occurs, it’s often caused by lowering blood pressure. If you’re wondering how to overcome fear of needles, you have to fight this somehow.

One effective method is to tense your muscles. Experts refer to this technique as “applied tension.” Flexing your muscles increases blood pressure in those flexed areas.

Of course, this can include tensing your arm muscles. However, it’s also wise to tense your core and leg muscles. These muscles reinforce your posture and keep yourself upright.

5. Expose Yourself to Needles

Another way to combat your fear of needles is to expose yourself to them. You can start by viewing photos or watching videos of needles.

Eventually, it may help to watch somebody else get a shot. If you’re unsure what kind of needle you can handle, learn to find the right syringe needle here.

Start Fighting Your Fear of Needles

If you want to fight your fear of needles, try out any of these techniques. It may also help for you to visit a therapist that treats phobias. Whatever route you choose, start combatting your fear today!

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