Emergency Tips: How to Fix a Cracked Phone Screen

Almost everyone sees it from time to time. Their friend is trying to get by with a cracked phone screen. Unfortunately, you could end up as the person pretty easily.

It turns out that, on average, people drop their phones about four times a week. Once you get that cracked screen, it becomes a constant annoyance as it interferes with basic functions like swiping. It also creates a risk of moisture getting into the phone and damaging the electronics.

The good news is that a cracked screen is a fixable problem. Keep reading for some tips on screen repair.

Take It Back to the Dealer

If you cracked your screen, you can often take it back to the place that you bought it. Many phone sellers also offer screen repair services because cracked screens are so common. It’s often the simplest solution.

Plus, the people carrying out repairs at the dealer likely received training on the repair, which helps ensure that it’s a long-term fix for the cracked screen problem.

Take It to a Phone Repair Service

A lot of computer repair services have branched out into phone repair services over the last decade or so. These are often a good option if you ordered your phone online or got it through a major retailer that doesn’t offer repair services.

Computer repair techs are used to dealing with fragile electronics. That means you get a repair you typically rely on.

Phone Screen Repair Costs

With the cost of a new smartphone often soaring over $1000, people look to repairs for a cheaper alternative. It’s a good strategy, as the repair costs by a phone store or third-party repair expert run in the $100 to $300 dollar range.

DIY Options

Let’s say that you cracked your iPhone screen and don’t relish the idea of dropping a couple of hundred bucks on a repair. There are DIY alternatives. You can buy a replacement phone screen or phone screen repair kit online.

These repair kits typically include all of the tools you need along with a new screen and an adhesive to keep the screen secure. You can routinely find them for less than $100. Just make sure you check carefully that you get a repair kit for the right model of your smartphone.

To help avoid future screen replacement woes, consider a screen protector or ruggedized case for the phone to help protect it from future drops.

Fixing Your Cracked Phone Screen

New smartphones aren’t cheap, which means most people would prefer a repair over a replacement. Repairs typically run a lot less than a new phone, which makes it a more accessible option.

If you have good DIY skills or some experience with tech repairs, you can also take on the repair yourself. Screen repair kits are readily available online. Many of the kits also include the tools you’ll need, which means you don’t need to buy those piecemeal.

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