How Do I Get PCQI Certified?

Last year, nearly $660 billion was made in the restaurant industry due to quality and good taking foods. 

Preventive Controls Qualified Individuals (PCQIs) oversee Food Safety Plans and quality assurance. 

If you are considering a career in the food industry, becoming a PCQI is an excellent option.

Continue reading to discover how you can become PCQI certified so that you can make an impact and money! 

Sign up for Training 

The first step in becoming PCQI certified is to enroll in a legitimate course. 

You can find PCQI certification classes on various websites. By looking up the most trusted ones, you can get on the right path to starting your new career. Eurofins PCQI certification is a common source for people to get their training.

To get through the training you will need a working email address and access to the internet. Depending on what company you go through for certification, there will also be a standard fee to pay. 

Learn About Food Safety Basics

A PCQI certified instructor will help navigate you through the basics of food safety when getting started. 

Some of the things that you will learn about include the processing, manufacturing, and packing of food. You will also discover key elements of food handling. Hygiene and food safety are highlighted in each course topic to reinforce their importance. 

Discover How to Develop Food Safety Plans 

A certified PCQI helps develop food safety plans that abide by FDA and FSMA regulations. 

Through your courses, you will build an understanding of the measures that restaurants take to ensure proper records get kept. You will also learn the details that go within these plans. 

Food safety plans are documents that are continuously updated. They reflect menu options and ingredients getting used. It is a proactive plan that lays out food handling regulations that all employees must follow.

It also covers the details about how food should get prepared and stored to ensure safety. 

Complete Your Courses

If you want to get PCQI certified for HACCP, you will have to complete all of the necessary courses.

Courses that you should expect include; biological food safety hazards and record-keeping. You will also learn about preventative controls for sanitation and supply chain regulations. These courses got designed to prepare you for your exam and future success as a PCQI. 

Take the Exam 

After you have completed your courses, you will have to take an exam to get PCQI certified. 

This exam will cover everything that you learned and can get taken on your own time. Once you have passed the exam, your completion certificate will become available. Typically people download their certificate, but it can also get added to your Food Safety Plan. 

You Can Become PCQI Certified 

If you want to get started in the food industry and make a good impact, becoming PCQI certified is an excellent start.

As a PCQI, you will be working with restaurants and other food industries to ensure that the quality is maintained and safe for consumers. This is a very rewarding career that has a lot of growth opportunities.

Don’t be afraid to take the steps to become a PCQI, as the training is pretty simple. 

Be sure to check out our blog for more articles about the food safety industry and taking the next steps in your career!


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