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The Must-Read Electronics Recycling Guide

When people think of recycling, they often have a narrow scope in mind. They believe the practice applies to paper, plastic, glass, and to-go coffee cups. Other things, they assume, go in the trash.

In many cases, used electronics get categorized as “trash.” In reality, recycling electronics is a much better option. When you throw away electronic devices, whether it’s an old phone or a printer, it can cause significant problems for a landfill. 

Part of the reason people don’t recycle electronics is they don’t know how to do it. If you’re one of those people, check out this recycling guide to learn the secrets of electronic recycling!

Recycling Guide Step 1: Find Out Where to Begin

Before you do anything else, make sure you wipe all your hard drives clean of personal information. The last thing you want is for somebody to gain access to your identity through your good deed.

Once you’ve wiped your hard drives, you have a few options on how to recycle. First, you can take it to a recycler. Many communities have nonprofit organizations dedicated to helping people recycle electronic devices.

One example of such a group is in St. Louis. Search your local community to discover if groups like this exist. If so, find out where to drop off your electronics.

Keep in mind that there may be limited access because of COVID-19. Before you leave the house, call the group at their listed phone number and ask if they’re accepting recyclables.

Donate Your Used Electronics

Several charities and nonprofits happily take old electronics. Several charities may prefer functional electronics, though many still accept devices that no longer work.

If there’s a recreation center or programs for the elderly, ask if they could use some older devices. If not, other programs exist that would take the technology from you.

Some of these programs include Dell Reconnect, The World Computer Exchange, and eBay for Charity. Each of these offers different ways to get rid of electronics you want to donate. eBay for Charity allows you to sell used devices and donate the proceeds to the charity of your choice.

Take Devices to Tech Firms

Several electronic manufacturers and retailers feature recycling programs. You can check your brand’s company website to learn more about the solutions they provide. For example, Apple runs the GiveBack program.

This program gives up to $1,530 in either gift cards or store credit for qualified Apple products. However, the company also accepts and recycles devices that don’t qualify for the money.

Best Buy also runs a recycling program for a wide array of electronics. In their program, it doesn’t matter where you purchased the items. The store accepts any electronic device, though it doesn’t offer money in return.

Find a Place to Recycle your Electronics

With this recycling guide, you can search for any similar electronic recycling program in your area. With any luck, you can get rid of your unwanted electronics and prevent further e-Waste from building up!

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