How to Keep a Professional Beard for Work

There have been many appearance standards in the workplace for years. Recently, these dress code staples are starting to be questioned. From unnatural hair colors to tattoos, modern workers are defying the norm that you can look and dress how you want while keeping your dream job.

Surprisingly, the same strict dress code rules would also apply to beards. Even though 55% of men have beards, a full and fluffy beard was always seen as a workplace no-no. 

In reality, there are some rules you must follow when keeping a professional beard. Here are some tips to keep your grisly beard looking workplace-acceptable.

Trim It Regularly

No, we’re not talking about cutting off your beard. We’re talking about beard grooming. As with hair, it’s important to trim your hair so it doesn’t get unruly. The same with your beard. A clean beard looks cared for and more professional.

And as with hair, there are many ways to trim your beard. You can trim the length so it doesn’t get too long. Or, you can trim the sides so it grows out evenly.

Select a Beard Style That Fits Your Face

With the growing beard trend, there are many beard styles you can choose from. However, find a style that fits the proportions of your face. This way, you can ensure you have a good beard to highlight your unique facial structure.

Let’s say you have a square-shaped face with a strong jawline. It’s best to shave near your cheekbones to make your face more contoured, so choose a style such as a goatee. The same concept for a rectangular face — something eye-catching such as a chin strap beard will show off your strong features.

If you have a round face, you should find a slimming beard style. The best option is a full beard but with thinner sides. And if you have an oval-shaped face, you can pull off any beard you want!

Maintenance Is Key

Trimming is not the only example of beard maintenance. You’ll want to wash and moisturize your beard on a regular basis. In the shower, use a gentle shampoo and scrub your beard. If your beard is very unruly, use a conditioner. You can also use beard oil once you’re out of the shower.

You can find specialized beard products for proper beard maintenance. If you would rather make your own, you can follow this link for more advice.

Don’t Forget Your Toolkit

Men have a toolkit for just about everything — to build a table, fix the toilet, and more. In addition, you should also have a beard toolkit. What’s included in your beard toolkit? Here are some vital tools to have in your bathroom:

  • Facial hair scissors
  • Beard comb
  • Beard brush
  • Beard trimmer

These tools all ensure that your beard looks neat.

Have a Professional Beard for Work

Beards have always been looked at as unprofessional, especially in certain professions. Does the clean look not work for you? Are you worried your beard is holding you back from a successful career? Follow these beard grooming tips to have a professional beard!

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