9 Kitchen Organization Tips for Minimalistic Homeowners

Around 67% of self-store renters live in single-family homes, and around 33% of these have a basement.

It’s clear we struggle with clutter, whether it’s in our living room or bedrooms. But perhaps you’ve noticed a huge influx of stuff appear in your kitchen, and you’re not sure what to do with it all.

Sounds familiar? Don’t worry, we’re here to help you. Read on to learn nine kitchen organization tips that will revolutionize your cooking space. 

1. Purge Every Drawer and Cabinet

The first step of achieving a minimalist kitchen is purging your drawers and cabinets. Sure, buying a juicer seemed like a great idea, but you’ve only had a morning juice once. So take each item and work out how often you’ve used it and if it’s taking up valuable space. 

Make sure you remove any single-use items, like a garlic peeler, and replace them with a knife. The goal is to purge until you’re left with essential cooking utensils you couldn’t live without. 

2. Install Racks and Shelves

Not sure how to keep a kitchen organized? Then take advantage of extra wall space and turn it into an area for j wall hooks.

You should also mount floating shelves for extra storage. But, because it’s visible, pour your favorite spices into matching storage containers or add a vase that aligns with your kitchen’s decor. 

Further, maximize the space above your cabinets if they don’t reach the ceiling. For instance, you could use this for extra pots or any cookbooks you don’t use as regularly. Homeowners should also declutter their countertop by installing a magnetic knife strip to the side of their cabinet so it’s easy to reach. 

3. Keep Everything in Clear View 

One of the best kitchen cleanliness tips is keeping items in view. This is so you can see what you have and throw away anything that’s cluttering the space. Plus, it helps you remove any expired foodstuffs quickly. 

4. Secure and Stack Kitchen Towels 

If you’re not sure how to organize a kitchen, then it’s time to tackle your kitchen towels.

Many of us hang our current dish towels on the oven or dishwasher door for convenience, but they often fall off. To prevent this, attach velcro strips to your desired location and secure your kitchen towel. 

But while this is handy, it doesn’t solve our mess of kitchen towels.

Although it’s tempting to shove clean towels in a drawer, there’s a trick to keeping them neat and clutter-free. Start by rolling them into vertical rolls and use a divider to compartmentalize them. But it’s important to find a drawer that is the right depth, otherwise, it will waste valuable space.

5. Declutter Your Refrigerator

We often overlook our refrigerator because our groceries aren’t visible, but it’s a hotspot for clutter. In general, do a weekly audit so you can chuck out any expired condiments or food before it smells.

Once a month, remove everything from your fridge so you can wipe then disinfect it. This lets you reevaluate your space which helps with planning your grocery shopping. Although it’s tempting to throw your items into the refrigerator, you should divide them into zones.

For instance, keep items you use regularly at eye level while milk, and other perishable items, should stay closest to the freezer. Once you’ve organized the space, it’ll be easier to find what you’re looking for while staying clutter-free. 

6. Install Drawer Organizers

Don’t have a dedicated space for your best kitchen accessories? Then find an empty drawer and create diagonal drawer inserts.

We’ve all had at least one utensil that is too long for the drawer, which is why diagonal is key. This helps fit your long and small cooking tools without wasting any space. 

7. Organize Storage Containers By Size 

Make sure your storage containers are easy on the eye by properly organizing them. Instead of cluttering your cabinets, divide them by size and keep lids together so there’s little clutter. For instance, keep large containers in one section, lids in another, and so on. 

You should also use clear food containers so you can easily see what you have stored. Or, if you’re not a fan of plastic, invest in glass as they’re great for heating leftovers in the microwave. 

Further, storing oatmeal or pulses in mason jars is a great way to stay organized while adding visual intrigue to your kitchen. 

8. Group By Need 

Many of us store similar utensils together, such as our potato masher with spatulas. But this can get confusing and it’s not practical when you’re whipping up a midday meal for your family. 

Instead, divide your kitchen into three categories: prep, cook, and serve. Then, you can place your spatula by the stove, while your potato masher stays in the “prep” area. Plus, you should keep mugs near the kettle or coffee station as it’ll save time in the morning. 

9. Keep Shopping Bags Tidy

Most homeowners have a huge collection of reusable shopping bags, but it’s finding a home for them that’s tricky. Instead of wasting an entire cabinet, hang a plastic bag holder on the back of your pantry door so they’re easy to grab. 

Try Our Kitchen Organization Tips Today

Hopefully, after reading this article, you’re now an expert in kitchen organization.

Start by decluttering your kitchen, maximize dead wall space, and keep your storage solutions in view to minimize the mess. And make sure you group items by need and install drawer organizers because they’re a lifesaver. Good luck! 

Found this useful? If yes, then check out the rest of our blog for more tips and tricks. 


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