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6 Reasons Why You Are Losing Instagram Followers

Instagram has around 1 billion monthly active users – so there are enough followers to go around!

Some people spend years curating a small yet engaged network of Instagram followers, and some prefer ‘follower dumps’ without the necessity of high engagement.

However, if you’ve noticed you’re losing Instagram followers, you need to act now before it’s too late. With a few minor corrections to your ‘gram technique, you can retain and gain followers.

Read on to learn about your followers on Instagram.

1. You Aren’t Reciprocating Engagement

If you’re losing followers on Instagram, it might be because you aren’t showing them the love they offer you.

Even if someone doesn’t comment ‘like for like’ on your post after liking it, people appreciate a mutual understanding of liking each other’s content.

By engaging with your followers, they’re less likely to get bored and unfollow you.

2. You Aren’t Consistent

With so many users posting daily, your content can get buried before it gets the love it deserves.

If you want to stay relevant, you need to work out your ideal posting times and put up new posts daily (or every other day).

Try using a real time Instagram count page to see when people are unfollowing you and try to work out whether there is a pattern.

3. Your Content Needs a Revamp

Although we like to blame losing followers on things like glitches, it may just be that your content is boring.

Staying relevant is all about keeping people wanting more. If every post is a picture of your pasta and meatballs or a low-quality sunset picture, it’s time to jazz it up.

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4. Your Captions Are Boring

You want people to feel something when they see your posts – a boring caption isn’t the way to do this. Whether it’s a pun, joke, sad story, or life-share, a well-thought-out caption can do wonders for boosting engagement.

And vice versa – if your captions are dull, people will be clicking that unfollow button left, right, and center.

5. You Aren’t Making the Most of Hashtags

As Instagram removes fake profiles, you’ll always lose some followers. The trick is to gain more than you lose. The best way to gain followers is through trending hashtags.

Try adding trending hashtags to each of your posts but keep them relevant to the topic you’re posting about.

6. You’ve Been Shadow-Banned

The notorious shadowban is when your posts don’t appear in the news feed, and it can happen for several reasons. Generally, it’s because your account has been flagged up as violating Instagram’s terms and conditions.

If you’ve been shadow-banned, make sure all your posts are legit, don’t follow too many people each day, and whatever you do – don’t use banned hashtags!

Stop Losing Instagram Followers Today

That’s how to get more Instagram followers and stop losing Instagram followers you already have.

Although these tips might seem simple, most people don’t realize how important they are. If you want to be in control of your Instagram fame, this is how to do it.

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