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Cricket today, has a lot of fans all over the world. Whether a kid, a youngster or, an adult, everyone loves cricket. Whenever there is a match going on, you can’t help but put it on the channel. It might not be our national sport, but the immense love people have for it is beyond thoughts. It is not today that love for cricket has grown, it has been there forever. Watching the world cup together, getting entirely engrossed in it is something that everyone does. Be it IPL matches or one-day or world cup, the love remains the same.

Cricket gives a sense of excitement and rush to people. You don’t know what’s going to happen next and hence keeps you on your toes. You never really know what is the next ball be like or will it be a sixer? Some watch cricket for their favorite players. Everyone has a favorite player they are excited to see on the screen. People want to interact with their favorite players or just want one opportunity to play with them.

But with time cricket not only helps to make money for cricketers but also the common person. There is betting, virtual play and, many more. Fantasy sports have been a western culture for a long time but now, are making their way to a lot of Indian cricket fans. 

People today play fantasy cricket games online and have made a massive amount of earnings from it. Fantasy cricket is in a shell is an interactive game where you make your team of cricket players and based on their performance on the real pitch, you earn money. What better way to put your knowledge to use and benefit from it? Individuals tend to bet money on the players they feel are going to make more runs in the game. It does not matter if all the players you choose play for the same country. 

How to create your team:

Every team you make has to have 11 players and at least 7 of them compulsorily have to be from the same team that is going to be in the next game. You have to decide who is going to be the wicketkeeper, the batsman, bowler and, all-rounder. There is a specific amount of the maximum number of cricketers you can choose for all the roles. 

After selecting your 11 players and creating a team, you have to select your captain and vice-captain. The captain gives two times the score than the real game and the vice-captain gives 1.5 times the score. So choosing suitable players gives you a scope of better earnings. Generally, choosing a popular player as your captain can help you gain more and score big against your competition. While selecting your players, you have to make sure to stay within the limit like some fantasy games have a limit of up to 100 gems or 1000 gems for 11 players. The more popular the player, the more are the gems required for them. So it is really important to create a balance between the players.

Fantasy points:

The point system in fantasy cricket is the pre-determined points that are allotted to players in real-life matches. These fantasy points determine what you are going to earn back when the player plays exceptionally in real-life matches. 

The points are awarded each time:

  • A run is scored by the batsman
  • The bowler hits the wicket and the batsman is stump-out
  • If the wicket-keeper catches the ball
  • Whenever there is a maiden-over
  • The batsman hits a four or six
  • If the bowler strikes three times in a row
  • If the batsman has a strike high rate
  • When the player picked up by you is also picked for the 11 player line-up

But the situations are not always positive for fantasy points. There are some instances where points might be deducted. They are as follows:

  • When the batsman is dismissed without him scoring even a single run
  • If the batsman’s economy rate is lower in any match, be it ODI, T20, IPL.
  • If the bowler’s economic rate is lower

There are also a lot of bonus points you can earn if made the right choices. Bonus points are awarded for a six, boundary, a half-century in an inning, century scored in an inning, maiden over, 2 wickets,  wickets, 4 wickets, 5 wickets, 30 runs scored by the batsman. 

But the point to acknowledge is that any player scoring a century will only be awarded points for the century and not 30 run bonus points. Also, if any runs are scored on an overthrow, points for those will be credited to the batsman. However, if the overthrow goes for a boundary, no bonus points will be awarded. There is a lot of other batting, bowling and, wicket points.

There are also various rules in the case of the substitutes:

  • A player already replaced by a substitute coming back to the field will not be awarded any points for the same. Also, the player who was not announced but is presented as a substitute will not be awarded any points.
  • A player who has been transferred to another team is still available for the selection by his previous team but will not be getting any fantasy points for the same
  • A player who was announced at the starting of a match in a line-up but couldn’t play will not get any points. However, the player replacing him will get the points.
  • The substitute gets 4 fantasy points for only being announced 

If you are a person who wants to begin making your team and don’t know how to or are not aware of the options available, search for play fantasy cricket league online and you will get a massive load of options for yourself. You don’t need to play with money in these games, they offer practice modes for newbies who only want to test their knowledge and predictions and enjoy being the one creating the team.

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