What is a Litigation Specialist?

If you have ever had to hire an attorney, you have heard of a litigation support specialist. You may have been told that these lawyers are experienced in defending their clients’ claims against large corporations or governments. While this may be true in some cases, these professionals are not all created equal. This article is a short overview of what a litigation specialist is and how they can help you with your upcoming legal case.

Tort Law

A litigation specialist is a special category of attorney who focuses on the area of law known as tort law. This area of law encompasses all of the different areas that fall under personal injury. In fact, if you have ever suffered from a disease or other illness, you will likely also have a case in this category. A litigation specialist will focus his or her attention on these types of cases.

Third Party

Another way to think of a litigation specialist is an objective and neutral third-party. When you are trying to win an insurance claim against a large corporation, you are going to need to get your claim and the evidence supporting it from a neutral party. The insurance company will have their own lawyer, who is best known within the company. A litigation specialist is known as a neutral party because he or she is unbiased, although they may still have a strong opinion about the specifics of your case.

Fair Settlement Process

Many people think that they need a claims litigation specialist to help them come up with a fair settlement. Sometimes the process works well. However, if you have an insurance company involved, you are not going to find any relief if the insurance company’s lawyers are calling all the shots. To the contrary, the more hands the litigation specialist has worked for you, the better the outcome will be. That is because the specialist has access to many resources that you do not.

Bottom Line

The bottom line is that you should hire a qualified claims litigation specialist if you are having a problem with your insurance company. You may be shocked at what a good specialist can do for you. You may even find that you can save money by using a litigation professional instead of an insurance adjuster.

When you consider the potential savings, it is certainly worth the small investment to pay for good legal representation.

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