The Ultimate Car Charger Buying Guide You Need

A car charger is a compact adaptor that is connected with the cigarette lighter of the car and provides USB outlets to charge different electronic devices. As the cigarette lighter socket of the automobile supplies a 12V current when electronic devices require a 5V current. That is when you need a USB outlet that optimizes the current according to the gadgets. A car charger comes to great use in vehicles that don’t come with a USB connection. If you are looking to purchase a car charger, this guide will help you make a better decision.

What to look for when buying a car charger?

In modern times when life is incomplete without electronic gadgets like smartphones and GPS, a car USB charger comes out as an essential accessory in the range of car electronics. Let’s get straight to the answer to this very common question- ‘What to look for when buying a car charger?’

Here are a few parameters you must consider when looking for a car USB charger:

What to charge

Firstly, know what you need the charger for. There are a number of USB-powered devices used in the car like smartphones, tablets, GSP, PSP, MP3, etc. You must figure out what and how many devices you need to charge with the car charger.


The next thing you want to consider is the quality of the car charger. Make sure to check the reviews and ratings online to purchase only the best quality car charger. Generally, electronic car accessories from renowned brands are more reliable than others.

Power output

While most smartphones require a 1 Amp output for optimum charging, tablets, and laptops need 2.1 Amp of output. A good car charger will give you at least an output of 2.1 Amp per USB port.

Fast charging

A lot of the latest car chargers come with a fast-charging feature that allows you to charge your device quickly without degrading the battery’s performance, both in the short-term and long term. Just don’t forget to check if your device supports fast charging.

In-built lead

Some car chargers come with an in-built lead that isn’t detachable. This can limit the number of devices that you can connect with the charger. Even if there is a USB socket provided with the charger, forbesblog the lead that you can’t detach can still be a nuisance to handle. Therefore, look for a car charger with a detachable lead.


The size of the charger is also considerable. You need to be sure that the car charger or the USB cables will not obstruct the vehicle’s controls. Chargers with more USB ports and more functionality are generally bigger in size.

Multiple USB ports

If you have multiple devices in your car, a charger with only one USB port might be a hindrance. Having a car charger with multiple USB ports saves you a lot of time as you can charge multiple devices at the same time.


You can also look for safety features in the charger. A lot of good chargers are resistant to overheating, fire, and water.


While cheaper chargers can be lighter on your pocket, they are neither efficient enough nor as long-lasting as a premium charger.


So, now you know what to consider when choosing a car charger. When you are looking for some affordable yet great car accessories online, don’t forget to check This website hosts a grand variety of authentic and premium car accessories and parts from the most renowned brands around the world. Hope you found this article helpful. Have a wonderful day ahead!

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