How to Make Your Own Candle Uses Raw Garden Rosin

If you’re new to making candles, then you’ve probably heard of raw garden rosin. Raw or dry rosin is the white glue that comes from the center of a flower and is often used as a stabilizer for when the candle is first formed. Many craft stores sell it in the form of a paste, but you can also buy it as a small container of raw glue. While many craft stores and even some manufacturers sell it as a product, you can also find it online in places like Amazon. The internet allows you to buy it cheaper there, and you can also have more variety in your store.

Once you’ve gathered your raw glue, you’ll want to take a small piece of your florist’s string and cut it to the right length. Once you have the proper length, cut it again to the right length. Then, take your small ball of rosin and press it into the center of the centerpiece of the candle. Once the glue has been fixed onto the rosin, simply thread it through the small hole that remains on the bottom of the candle. You can tighten the glue once it’s on as well as loosen it if needed.

Once you’ve made your candle, you will have to determine whether or not you want to fill the candle with the raw garden. If you don’t want to, then leave it plain. But if you’d like to add it, then you can do so with a dampen your finger and dip it into the glue. Once you’ve added the raw garden, wait about 30 minutes before burning it. This allows the glue to become harder and solidify the rosin on your candlestick.

Once you’ve made your candle and the glue is solidified, simply remove the candle from its container and put it in your burners. It’s best to be done by yourself as you don’t want to ruin the stick by mistake. Let the candle burn for a full five minutes and it will be completely coated with raw garden rosin. Now, take your sandal or scooter and lightly sand the area where the candlestick was attached. This will help make your candle last longer and keep it looking natural.

When the candle is cool, you will want to carefully pop the end of it. It will pop because the glue has nearly dried out. Then, take your sandal or scooter and gently scrape off the excess rosin. It may take you a few tries but it will come off eventually. Once the excess raw material has been removed, you will need to smooth the remaining raw material out. A scraper works well in this process.

Once the raw material has been smoothed out, you will want to apply an acrylic finish coat over it. This coating will protect it and make it last longer. Once the entire raw garden rosin has been smoothed out, it is now time to assemble the candle. Using your sandal or scooter, carefully slide the entire assembly through the hole and then allow it to stand up straight. Before burning, you will want to allow the candle to cool down completely so it will not drip or burn unevenly.


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