Starting a Small Business

Virginia has been making soap for years. Usually, it becomes a Christmas or Birthday gift, but lately, her friends have been pushing her to start her own business. Looking into it, there are so many things to do, she had trouble knowing where to start. If you’re like Virginia and feeling stuck on your business plans, read on for two quick ideas to get you started.

Plan Your Presence

Creating an online presence as early in the process as possible is always advisable. Even if you aren’t open yet, using social media can create buzz around your products and have those customers lining up before you open your doors. Create Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram accounts. If you’re looking for a younger client, also consider TikTok and other less mainstream social media platforms.

Also, think about how your customers will contact you. Just having an email account isn’t enough. If you want to keep your personal information private look into utilizing VoIP, an internet-based phone system, to maintain a professional identity that you can access from anywhere with the internet. For the same reason, if your business is run out of your home, look into a mailbox either through the post office or a mail center.

Do Your Research

From an EIN, incorporation, and taxes to local business licenses and certificates, starting a business means everyone wants to benefit. You need to find out about all the legal hoops you will need to jump through to get started. Even if your business is a one-person operation it is worth visiting a lawyer to make sure you are able to meet the requirements for your profession.

For example, most people cannot sell food made in their home kitchen. In some areas, there are professional kitchens you can rent, and in other places, homemade foods have exceptions and different requirements if they are sold at a farmers’ market. OSHA and the EPA have their own business requirements too.

Virginia has a lot of work to do upfront, but with dedication and planning, she will soon be her own boss for life.


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