Effects of birth injuries on families

A birth injury can leave the child with a minor or major disability. This means that the family members should offer the child the necessary support to learn how to live with the birth defect. Some birth defects can occur naturally, while others might occur due to the doctor’s negligence.

Emotional burden

A birth injury is the last thing that family members expect when a mother has given birth. It is the wish of every mother to give birth to a child without any birth defects. Therefore, if the child is born with birth defects, it can be traumatizing for the mother to accept the situation. in some cases, the mothers require therapy to recover from the shock. Close family members also face emotional burdens since they have to learn how to comfort the mother and live with a challenged child. The family members should get help from a counselor. This makes it easy to overcome the trauma and get used to the situation. The child should also get counseling to help them live with the condition.

Financial burden

When a child has been born with injuries, they will need medical care to manage the situation. An example is cerebral palsy. The family members will need to consult with different doctors to determine the best care for their child. Each of these doctors will require a huge amount of money that the family might not have. Diagnosing birth defects is not an activity that will be completed in weeks or months. It takes years of therapy for the child to get used to living with the birth defect. Therefore, the family members will face the financial burden of getting the child the best health care possible.

Preventing birth defects

Most of the birth defects occur due to negligence from the doctors. A pregnant woman is expected to visit antenatal clinics as scheduled by the doctors. The aim of such clinics is t help the mother and child through the pregnancy journey. Pregnancy might not always be smooth, and therefore, certain factors can result in the mother giving birth to a child with defects. Doctors ensure to detect such factors early enough to take any action and prevent the defect. If the doctors knew about the factors that could result in a birth injury and did nothing to help the mother and child, they can be held liable.

Read up on resources to determine what you should do if your child suffers birth injury due to negligence from the doctors. The birth injury can cause a huge financial burden to the family, and therefore a compensation would be necessary to reduce the burden.

Takin a legal action would also help the family members get closure for the incident. Doctors are expected to be extra careful when dealing with pregnant mothers to avoid being blamed for the occurrence of a birth defect. Read more to find out more about the legal actions a doctor can face if a child gets a birth defect due to negligence.

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