One Hour Introduction To Computer Science

Hour of Code is a movement being driven internationally where millions of students enroll and benefit from it. It doesn’t confine within the particular area of concern; instead, it has spread its roots worldwide, i.e., 180 countries.

With the increasing need for coding, hour of code made itself the dire need of today’s era, where all educational, economic, and other systems have been revolutionized with technology. It is recommended to get enrolled your children to make them understand the basics of computer.

If you haven’t heard about it, C’mon, let’s discuss in detail its origin and working and much more. Let’s get started.


When it comes to this creative idea of building a network where professional courses can be offered to learn the basics of computer studies, it has been launched by, inviting students online to accomplish the said tasks as a challenge. This idea had really worked in such a way that over 20 million participated.

From the idea of initiating such a system to realizing this effort where the hour of code has moved inside the classrooms globally. It’s a big achievement. Isn’t it?

Since it has been launched, girls’ tendency to learn programming and coding along with different computer languages has been increased at a huge level than ever before.

How does it work?

As far as its working is concerned, students are provided with video lectures (tutorials) with practical illustrations on particular topics. This is how they learn the knowledge of computers from basic to expert level.

Kids learn the basics and even the upper-level knowledge regarding computer in an easy way that feels like fun to them. Above all, while watching tutorials, there’s an option to skip the screen altogether. 

Learning programming in a fun way puts an extra edge to keep sticking them to this learning method. This definitely distinguishes it from the rest of the learning modes, especially the traditional way; students usually get bored.  

This is more like a game in which different obstacles come in the way. The player (student) has to handle every situation. While playing this game, it builds a strong concept of specific things about which this video tutorial is all about. It works on self-directed algorithms.

Who teaches an hour of code?

The one thing that makes this movement prominent is being self-directed, as the teachers and parents can possibly organize it at school in an event or seminar. The teachers need to be aware of the basic concepts to let children understand while explaining the video points in a more conversational and easy way.

Everyone is talking about programming in a marketing way, but it goes beyond marketing. Learning coding and programming adds additional benefits (as follows) to the learner’s personality apart from the course learning.

  • Thinking skills. As there are different challenges for kids to learn coding, this is a great way to enhance their thought process.
  • Focus. No doubt, while playing any game, one needs to put full focus on that where he’s involved. Likewise, kids pay attention to their game and this is how they get focused on detail to overcome the challenge.
  • Patience. This learning practice builds them “How to wait for something to be achieved?” their personality goes well-off than others.
  • Prediction Skills. Well, along with programming and coding, the kinds more likely to judge better the outcomes after doing their best in this game-way learning.

This can be the pretty reason to take benefits from the hour of the code.

What makes it different?

As it has gotten a reputation in the whole world, you may come up with a couple of questions, “Why go for it?” “What is the main reason for its prominence.”

Well, the answer is simple and straightforward; it includes the fun-factor to maintain the interest of the students who watch the tutorials. Children can play it in their bed-rooms on their screens (mobiles, tabs, PC’s). Now the programming is more like playing games at the desired time. 

Apart from that, there’re different incentives for both teachers and students after successfully completing the courses on programming. The details are as follows:

  1. 10 GB frees storage of Dropbox for those who host HOC at the classrooms and seminars.
  2. Full room computer set up is given as a prize for the 50 schools who conduct it.
  3. Students who take full courses are entitled to get Skype credits and others as extra benefits.
  • How can you get participate in HOC events?

There are the following steps that guide you in participating.

  1. Plugin your address to ” All hours of codes event.”
  2.  Contact the principal in order to let him/her know you want to volunteer, and that’s why ask the schedule of an hour of code.
  3. Choose the time slot and sign up.
  4. Get additional information about the event date and place by emailing at
  5. Good to go!

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