The Art of Trading in Path of Exile

Path of Exile! Not sure what to do when it comes to trading? Learn about the wonders of the PoE trade and how the many types of PoE currency complement it through this guide. (159 characters)

There’s a lot of unique aspects about trading in Path of Exile that can’t be found in other games, here are some tips on how to trade efficiently in this famous ARPG.

Path of Exile is a complicated game at first, but once players get the hang of it, then it could potentially become the best online ARPG developed by Grinding Gear Games that they’ve ever played. There’s a lot to read about the game, though. While new players can certainly just dive in straight without any knowledge about what there is to expect, they might regret their decisions that they’ve made in the future. PoE trade is like another game within Path of Exile. Knowing which items to trade in, which items to sell at the right time to get the most PoE currency, and what PoE items are worth buying and flipping, later on, are some of the major aspects that make Path of Exile trading fun yet daunting to many players.

Gamers can certainly carry on with their hacking and slashing without so much as a thought about PoE Currency trading, but when they get to the late game, they’ll regret not knowing at least the basics. But fear not, because believe it or not, anyone can get into Path of Exile trading. While it’s certainly tedious at first, the fruits will begin to bear for the players once they get the hang of it.

Trading is Essential in Path of Exile

Trading with other players is an important part of Path of Exile because there are no auction markets or a monetary system within the game that the economy can depend on. As such, players will have to trade currency with another player manually. Perhaps the best part about the items in Path of Exile is that almost every one of them is tradeable. Meaning, whatever loot that a player has gotten through their adventures, they can trade it for another PoE item that they need. This results in a complex bartering economy–a game within a game, so to speak.

There are also multiple types of PoE currency for PoE trade, but instead of being able to only use these currencies to buy and sell PoE items, they also double as crafting resources. Take the many orbs in Path of Exile, for example. Exalted Orbs, or Chaos orbs, specifically, can not only be used for PoE Currency trading, but it’s also a viable resource for enhancing rare equipment.

Be Familiar with

For every player that wants to trade in Path of Exile, is a vital tool that they’ll have to know how to use. Without it, it’s impossible to trade in the first place. is a tool that is built inside Path of Exile’s official website where players can search through the plethora of PoE items in it that others have up for sale. Think of it as sort of like a gigantic board for all the PoE items that one can buy. To search for Path of Exile items, simply type in the name of that specific item and the League.

In the case of searching for Gems, it’s a bit more intricate. Players will have to fill in the “Quality” and “Tier” under the Misc section. They’ll have to be specific when it comes to looking for gems, but it’s a surefire way of getting what they want right down to a tee.

Say a player wants to purchase an item that they found in the All they have to do is chat with the seller by clicking the “whisper” button. Once both parties agree to continue with the trade, the seller will then invite allowing players to their hideout where they can trade currency manually. The player (the buyer in this case) needs to have the currency like gold with them in their inventory.

Selling in Path of Exile

Selling in Path of Exile is a bit more complicated compared to buying, but it’s nothing to cry home about. To be able to sell items, players must first have a premium stash tab. This is vital since, without it, players won’t be able to put up their Path of Exile items for sale. Premium stash tabs can be bought from Path of Exile’s microtransaction shop.

It’s recommended to buy more than one premium stash tab, especially if a player plans on selling multiple Path of Exile items. These tabs are pretty nifty as well since they can be arranged to be color-coded and renamed. Players can set these tabs to “public” as well for that other players will be able to see their listings.


PoE trade is certainly not what gamers would expect it to be when compared to other online games, but altogether, it’s a complex system that adds another layer of depth that so many players have grown to love in Path of Exile. The different types of PoE currency, the nuances of buying and selling PoE items, and the thriving economy that relies on bartering–those points are what make Path of Exile so unique. What do you think about the Path of Exile trading mechanic? Let us know in the comment section down below.

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