Playing Online Slots with Smartwatches

Wearable technology is very popular today and one of the latest developments is smartwatches. All the functionality of a smartphone is contained in a tiny device you can wear on your wrist. Online casino sites want smartwatch wearers to have instant access to their games, and many of them started offering online slots for this target group. 

How are smartwatch slots developed?

As there is minimal screen space on a smartwatch, one wonders how it is possible to play online slots for real money. Designers have to be very clever to make the games playable, but it can be done. Some games are already available in this format, and more are likely to follow suit. 

How to play on smartwatches

You will obviously need a watch that can support the games. Many of the major brand names like Apple and Samsung have suitable versions; however, it is recommendable to read online reviews before buying your gaming smartwatch. 

Once you have the right gadget, you will need to sign up at an online casino that offers online slot games. The chances are that it will not be possible to set up a full account from a smartwatch. You may want to rather open an account and make your deposits on your mobile phone or computer.   

Which slots titles are smartwatch-friendly?

At present, only a couple of slots are available for smartwatches. Norse mythology-themed Thunderstruck, a popular Microgaming slot, is one of them. The game still offers plenty of action even though it is reduced to its bare bones to fit on the smartwatch. All the extra frills are excluded and what you will see on the screen is the game’s title, the reels, and a button that outlines your balance and how much you want to bet. The Dark Night Rises is another popular Microgaming offering for playing on smartwatches. The game was the first one developed to play on the Samsung Gear 2.   

What does the future hold?

At present, being able to play online slot games from a smartwatch is a pretty limited experience, but this is not likely to be the case for long. The more people begin to use their smartwatches to play real slot games, the more developers are likely to respond to the challenge by creating offers that can function on them. 

There are new developments all the time. For example, a new OS by Huawei, the Harmony OS, could be a solution when using a number of compatible gadgets like smartwatches and other wearables. It isn’t likely to be long before players wearing smartwatches will be able to spin reels at a moment’s notice during their free time without attracting any undue attention. 


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