How To Get Rich In OSRS

If you want to earn a bank in OSRS, then here is everything you need to know.

Want to get rich in OSRS? Then here is how you can do so with a few neat hints.

OSRS gold plays a huge part in the popular MMO. So much so that many players will choose to find OSRS GP for sale so that they can buy OSRS gold. Before you do opt to find a reputable vendor that will sell OSRS gold, there are a number of ways in which you can earn a lot of currency with some pretty easy to use methods.

Open a Second OSRS Account

If you are able to, you should try and get a membership. This way, you can get a bond for a second account. Then, you could do Wine of Zamorak so that you can gain up to 300K per hour, so putting 10 hours in could take you into a place where you can pay off your bond. You can start training your alternative account for a couple of months so that you can raise your combat and slayer skills to that you can make 750K per hour from Gargoyles if you can put the time in.

Comparing Gold with Hours

When chasing gold, you should make sure that you are making the most of the time that you have got in the game whilst earning it. It’s basically just a case of being smart about the methods that you are choosing. You will find that getting the likes of Yew logs can grab you 50K gold for an hour. However, choosing Teak trees instead will get you nearly double this, and are three times faster when cutting them.

Another example is by Runecrafting Nature runes, which can get you up to 500K gp per hour. So over the course of 50 hours with Zulrah unlocked you can make up to 150M gp. Repeat this process and you can expect to be a billionaire with enough time put in.

Keep an Eye on Updates

Developers Jagex often do livestreams on platforms such as Twitch where they will give away details on what is coming to the game. Here you will hear about new Old School Runescape bosses and quests, as well as updates too. Perhaps more importantly, if you do have your stats ready then you can expect to see a lot of OSRS gold being earned. For example, weapons such as the Craw’s bow and the Viggora’s chainmace can make 400M gp and 250M gp respectively during the Revenant update. This is just a single example of what you could make, so make sure that you keep your ear to the ground on any updates.

Flipping Items

If you have gotten to a point where you have enough OSRS gold to invest, then you should definitely consider flipping some items. So, going to the Grand Exchange and buying cheap items to sell for more can be a great way of getting your gold up. So, you could flip the likes of Zamorak coif or clue scrolls or items like these, and invest around 1M gp which could make you 30K on a simple item.

Keep Focus on Your Method

Whatever you decide to do, you should make sure that you are focusing on a single method. In the long run, you are going to make more money by looking into one way of making OSRS gold. If you are going to do an OSRS money making method, then master a skill or an OSRS boss, then keep making a high profit off of it.

You should do this over switching things up since for example, you could just focus on Runecrafting earns 1M gold per hour if you are at level 91. This is much better than looking back at a skill that you won’t stand to earn a lot of gold with.

So, if you do happen to be on the search for OSRS gold, then these are definitely methods that you should consider adopting. We know that many players out there will want to find ways of earning up to a billion gp in their game cycle, and these are ways in which you could do so if you are willing to put the time in.

This is an important point to make, since you will need to have a lot of time dedicated to it. That isn’t as daunting as it sounds however, since you could spend a lot more time if you didn’t have the knowledge of the methods that we have mentioned here. Stick with it, and you will be a billionaire in no time at all.

Have you tried these methods on how to get rich in Old School Runescape? Let us know in the comments section below!

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