Gaming PC Parts selection in UAE

Model selection and customization are inevitable when purchasing a gaming PC. For that purpose, some knowledge of parts is required.

In front of horizontal characters such as “CPU” and “HDD”, so that it does not turn white-and above all, it is a good opportunity, so let’s hold it down quickly.

Parts required for PC’s (Parts common to desktop notes)

Graphic board

It is the most important part above all, and if you compare it, it is “painting power”. Never compromise, as it will affect the 3D rendering of the game!

There are two types of graphic board lineup, NVIDIA “Geforce series” and AMD “Radeon series” , but the Geforce series is the choice. There are many games optimized for Geforce, and each BTO maker is developing a lineup that pushes Geforce all over.


For example, the “brain” is the part that is in charge of processing various programs. If it’s a game, it affects the frame rate (fps). Although it is an important part, the priority should be the graphic board, and the CPU is secondary.


 “Intel (Core series)” and “AMD (Ryzen series)”.

Intel is the place to focus on gaming performance, and AMD is the place to focus on multi-performance such as games + recording/editing. However, even in Ryzen, the latest 5000 series has been refined in performance, and both gaming performance and multi-performance surpass Intel. If you are particular about it, we recommend the Ryzen 5000 series.



The analogy is “desk”. It’s a space where you can actually run games and internet browsers. The larger the desk, that is, the more memory you have, the more work you can do at one time.

If you don’t have enough memory, even if you try to run the game, it will not work due to a lack of memory. Although it is a specific capacity, 16GB is recommended because the number of heavyweight games that use memory is increasing recently. Storage for example, “bookshelf/storage space“. This is a place to store Windows, games, data, etc.

Type of storage

There are two types, “HDD (hard disk)” and “SSD”. You may have heard of hard disks.

Recently, the price of SSD has become much cheaper, and models equipped with large-capacity SSD and dual storage models of SSD + HDD are the mainstream. I rarely see HDD-only models now.

What is NVMe SSD?

There are currently two types of SSDs, the traditional “SATA connection type” and “NVMe type” SSDs.

NVMe type SSDs have a transfer speed of 4 to 5 times faster than conventional SSDs, and are being actively pushed by BTO companies. You can hardly feel the speed difference in the game, but it is effective in saving time when transferring large files.

Parts installed only on the desktop

power supply

If you compare it, it is a “substation”. The electricity pulled from the outlet is converted into a format that can be used by each party, and power is supplied.

The points are “capacity (the amount of power that can be supplied to each part)” and “conversion efficiency (how much electricity from the outlet can be converted without loss)” .

CPU cooler

It is a part that literally cools the CPU. The CPU is a particularly hot part, so be careful about cooling. There are two Components, “air-cooled cooler” and “water-cooled cooler” .


It consists of four points: “pump”, “reservoir tank”, “radiator”, and “fan”. There is a coolant inside, and the heat of the CPU is circulated by the pump, and it is dissipated by the radiator while turning the fan.


There seems to be a clear pattern. In the low budget zone, the range of money that can be used is so narrow that it is difficult to make it cheaper than off-the-shelf PC parts selection in UAE, and even if you save money on hardware, it will be offset with a high probability because the price of Windows 10 will be $ 125. Probably.

Savings are possible when considering medium specs. It’s always worth the effort to build your own PC

When aiming for high specs, the advantages of making your own PC will be clear. Not only will you be able to create machines with the same specs and save money, but you will also be able to customize the specs to your needs. Broadly speaking, the more PC needs you to enter into a niche area, the more you will need to build your own PC.

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