7 Guilt-Free Reasons to Chop Down a Tree

There is no better time to plant a tree and make our planet green but have you ever wondered when is it best to cut or chop down one? Although this seems wrong there are some cases where it is needed to be done before considering all the ramifications because it is a decision that will take many years to undo. There are instances where they have grown bigger and dangerous. 

However, before you take this step, make sure that you have the local council’s permission and the reason you are putting front is legal for the removal. Also, contact the tree services Sydney if the tree can be saved otherwise, they will help in the removal without putting you at the risk. Now, let’s just take a look at the reasons to cut a tree:


Every tree has a life span however it is hard to tell specifically. Exotic trees often grow quicker when compared to others, which makes their life expectancy shorter. Not even google can tell the expected lifespan of various species and the information provided is mostly irrelevant because the growing conditions and climate can take a toll on this. 

It is hard to determine the age of the tree, some may have freshly arrived, some will outlast you while some are nearly dying. The old-age plants usually end up creating a lot of mess to clear, especially if they are in a busy location, where they can damage human lives and infrastructure. 

2.Ongoing Construction

We have seen various instances where a fence or building was built, ignoring the small plants around there only to find out that they have caused damage in the next 5-10 years due to their extensive growth. While doing a construction, make sure to look at the surroundings for any viable trees which can fall due to wind and cause damage to the construction site, garden beds, or fences which will be time-consuming and costly when the mess needs to be cleared up.

3.Enlarged Roots Expansion

Big trees often come with even bigger and extensive roots. These roots often create problems like cracked footpaths or foundations by damaging the drains to seek moisture and suck nutrients of the earth which is necessary for other nearby small plants and trees. 

Some trees have roots spreading over 70 meters, and they are just notorious robbers taking the nutrients of essential plants. There are professionals available especially for cropping the roots underground just like the branches are done but, in many cases, tree removal is the only correct option.

4.To Obtain Some Firewood

People grow trees especially for firewood which needs a regular task of assessing the growth and taking it down if they are becoming unmanageable since the other replacements or similar batch trees are there to fulfill the needs because of their fast growth. 

Keeping a large tree growing too long will make it even bigger by the next season whereas the demands would already be fulfilled. These trees grow rapidly and become an extensive problem to chop down so it is easier to cut a big tree than managing two average-sized trees which is a waste of money and manpower.

5.Reason Behind a Dispute

Trees have been used to create boundaries along the edges of the home and sometimes the roots, branches, or leaves can create the situation of a dispute with the neighbors. It is suggested to talk it out with your neighbors to ensure the tree stays, but if they are too reluctant about it, leaving the tree the same will sour your relations with the neighbors.

They always have the legal right to trim excessive branches and roots. In such cases, it is always better to set the things right as per the situation demands.

6.Performing No Good Use

Although this term when it comes to trees is controversial but looking at the positive way, if we consider that the sun and space are limited, it is always sensible to remove an unproductive tree with a shadier and oxygen-producing one.

Just make sure, if you are planning to replace the plant with other species, be aware that the previous plant might have used up a lot of the nutrients of that portion and then choose the next one accordingly which will meet your needs without compromising the plant’s health. 

7.Obstructing the Power Lines

If a tree is in the line of possessing a risk to the power network, it is necessary to get it removed. If you receive any such notices by a local lines company which states you to do so, instead of doing it yourself, hire an approved tree services Sydney to make the job done.

They must be cleared so they are clear of lines, but since they are an ongoing process and regular trimming by the professionals is a costly process, it is advised to get it removed completely.

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