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Things you need to know before visiting Seychelles


Are you planning to visit Seychelles on your next vacation? If so, you may want to learn some basic knowledge about this country before booking a trip. Due to its natural beauty and tranquility, it has become a romantic attraction and honeymoon destination. Many celebrities also like Seychelles because they can spend some private time outside of their daily activities.

If you want to experience all these fascinating beach therapies and leave some memories from far away lands during your journey, make sure to collect all the basic information about the archipelago. This is to ensure that you don’t miss anything and make your travel easy. In this article, we have compiled some basic information about Seychelles that can help you when planning your trip.

Facts about Seychelles

It has 115 beaches that define the existence of deep blue water surrounded by white sand. It seems that heaven on earth attracts the attention of everyone in the world. The beaches of Seychelles are surrounded by rich and exotic marine life, which is why people are excited to come here at least once in their lives.

If you want to explore this archipelago country in a short time, please consider including the top islands in the list to experience the best of Seychelles. For convenience, Holiday Nomad displays a large number of Seychelles’ top beaches, which are very useful for planning vacations in Seychelles.

You will encounter some of the rarest birds in Seychelles. Bird Island is known as the home of Esmeralda’s heaviest land turtle. In addition, Victoria, the capital of Seychelles, is known as the smallest capital in the world. It is said that you can explore the entire city in less than a day, and you can also walk.

The best time to visit Seychelles

Finding the best time to go anywhere is necessary because if you visit it at the wrong time, you may face health problems or miss any of the best scenery. According to travelers, it is best to visit Seychelles in April, May, October and November. In these months, from November to March is the transition between high temperature and high humidity wind, and from April to October is cool wind. In addition, it is well known that these months have higher temperatures, which are ideal for watching wildlife, sunbathing and diving.

Even if you visit the archipelago at any other time of the year, you will experience a temperature of 80 degrees Fahrenheit. If you want to avoid the bustling tourist crowds, you can visit in December, January, July and August.

Rules to follow when entering and leaving Seychelles

It is strict in terms of immigration. Therefore, you need to prepare all accommodations and plans in advance to avoid trouble during the airport immigration check. When at the airport, you will have to prepare the following items:

Your passport is valid for six months from the date you leave Seychelles.

You should have a return ticket.

During your stay in Seychelles, you should be ready to confirm your booked accommodation.

You should prove that you have enough funds to stay.

The immigration officer will also check what you bring back to the country and what you bring back. There are also rules for bringing items to the island. For example, when you visit these islands, any drugs and weapons are prohibited. If you want to increase your accommodation in Seychelles, you can complete it within 3 months. To do this, you must apply to the immigration office and get approval.

Seychelles currency

Although the currency of Seychelles is the rupee (SCR), some places still accept U.S. dollars or euros. This is because Seychelles law allows tourists to pay in a common foreign currency. Therefore, no matter what you pay, whether it is accommodation fees, car rental fees, park tickets, or various other things, you need to pay in Euros or US dollars.

You can also pay by credit card. In addition, if your accommodation does not include local transportation or restaurant bills, you must pay in local currency or sometimes in common foreign currencies. Most local markets, nightclubs, and shops accept Seychelles currency. Therefore, you must remember to pay as much foreign currency as possible and use Seychelles currency where Seychelles does not accept any other currency.

In places such as Mahe and Praslin, ATM can be easily used. Many hotels, restaurants, and shops also accept travellers’ salaries, but it is recommended to save them in US dollars or Euros. You can also exchange currency at airport banks and other regular banks. Make sure to keep all receipts for the original currency exchange, which you can use to re-exchange the currency in the event of a return.

Ways to contact the locals

Seychelles live a simple life. They take care of the tourism industry with the utmost care and tolerance. Seychelles is an island country on the archipelago, and the locals bind its natural beauty to the island. Life here is peaceful, serene, and free from chaos.

Whenever you meet a local, you can greet them by shaking hands. Both men and women follow this custom. People living in Seychelles are hospitable and like to invite guests home. Therefore, if you are invited to any locals’ house, be sure to bring a simple gift with you to show your gratitude.

People usually see people wearing casual clothes, but they prefer formal clothes for church services. Swimsuits and other conspicuous clothing can only be worn on the beach or near the swimming pool.

in conclusion

It is best to plan everything well to avoid any unexpected troubles. We hope this article is helpful to your Seychelles travel plan. Check now for cheap flight tickets to Seychelles

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