Does guest posting still work?

Does guest posting still work! Guest posting in 2021 is still a business of profit. However, there are a lot of rumors out there on social media that say it is not as effective as it was before. But as a matter of fact, it is still effective.

Mostly, for websites that are struggling to get into the Google ranking. Here in this process, you write articles for someone who will accept them as a guest posting. There are plenty of guest posting sites that accept this kind of service. 

In this article, we share some information about how to submit a guest post.

How to make guest posts effective?

First thing first before delivering or approaching for guest post services you have to follow some rules.

  • First, try to make a detailed article in your niche of course, and then find guest posting sites who have somehow a decent DA. 
  • If you do not have a high DA/PA site then approaching for the same level guest post sites will be much easier as compared to others.
  • The guest posting sites you approach should have the same niche as you have. 
  • Now you need to share some guest posts ideas to your client. You can mail them with two or three of your guest post topics.
  • Writing a decent e-mail at the end will help you build genuine trust with the person who allows your guest post on his site.
  • Always try to follow the guest post guidelines, it can again be part of building a healthy partnership.  

Are guest posts bad for SEO?

Most of the people consider it as a part of a grey hat SEO. And mention that sooner or later Google will prevent this practice for good. However, this could not be a trustworthy statement. Because most big websites are using it and with that maintaining their rank on the Google search engine.

So if it is bad for SEO then why those websites are working properly. Although, you can say that google will take it seriously, till then websites are getting profit from it. So use it freely and you will also get the maximum benefit from it.

Are guest posts paid?

Well, it completely depends on the website’s DA/PA measurements. If someone has a high DA and trustful website then he/she will charge you a reasonable amount. But most websites do not charge anything because an informative and detailed guest post will help them to rank as well.

Meanwhile, if you write a good article then that could be a chance for you to post content without paying anything.  So try to write a decent mail with a content link and if he or she finds it valuable for him, will definitely approach your content on the website. 

Should you accept guest posts?

Accepting someone’s guest post will work the same as your guest post to someone other’s website. So the best suggestion is yes, you should accept the guest post to rank your website on google. And if you get some decent content with a link then it will never harm your website.

But you should make some conditions or guidelines before accepting any guest post. These guidelines will prevent some low-level content and some harmful website which does not follow Google’s guidelines. 

How much should I charge for guest posts?

You should always charge a reasonable amount for a guest post. In case you have high DA/PA and you are approached by a big company then you can set a good enough amount.

The main part of the guest posts is to provide the best guest posting services for the users, and at the same time give a good sign for google’s search crawler. Or you can set some certain prices for different types of clients. 

These were some tips for using guest post services effectively. Make sure you follow some of them and get a decent reward from it.

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