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Why Should You Look For An Alternative To Google AdWords? Learn Major Drawbacks!

Whenever someone calls for a PPC campaign, Google AdWords comes into the picture. Maybe because it is easy to use, effective, and budget-friendly at the same time. Since the majority of online users use Google to search their queries, marketers SEO this platform as the best way to target the right audience. 

But guys, do you know Google AdWords very well? Just because your competitors use this vast platform, it doesn’t mean you should blindly follow them. 

Google AdWords does have some well-defined advantages. But it also comes with certain drawbacks that compel the users to look for a fascinating alternative in this case. Even the experts offering PPC management services in Delhi or Kolkata agree with this. 

Let us now disclose the reasons why Google AdWords is not enough for running a PPC campaign.  

Why Google AdWords is not enough for an ad campaign?

  1. It uses specific keywords only: Google AdWords does not believe in wasting time and money. Hence it only focuses on the specific keywords that can bring good traffic to the landing page and simultaneously turn them into potential buyers. Now, that’s something quite impressive. But the question is – why this particular point is listed down in the drawback section?

Well, since Google AdWords believe in reaching out to the exact audience, you just can’t use broad keywords in your ad content and set yourself free. Broad keywords are meant to reach out to a wide audience, relevant or irrelevant to the ad. To be specific, you have to work on the modified broad keywords or the long-tail keywords that take no time to find the right audience and create engagement. 

Long-tail keywords are good for performing ad analysis. It improves the conversion rates and finally increases the business ROI. However, to avail the benefits, you need to put effort into listing down the long-tail keywords. Choosing any relevant keywords randomly is not at all the right concept for Google AdWords.

  1. It requires experts for management: Google AdWords seems to be an easy concept. But when it comes to management and analysis, you have to seek the help of the experts. Just having a pure concept of the basics is not enough when you are performing the job professionally. 

To access the range of features on this platform and to run an advertisement on Google successfully, you have to learn about this platform in detail. The worst thing is, Google doesn’t let you learn in a day. It takes quite a lot of time to grab knowledge and implement it with perfection. Hence, the need for experts who are specialized in running ad campaigns and are experienced enough to handle challenges. 

  1. It has certain strict policies: Every ad platform on this digital landscape contains a few terms and policies. However, if you talk about Google, you will get some strict and penalized policies that need to be followed in any case. On every ad platform, you are obligated to follow their terms and conditions. Even if in some cases, you get free access, at Google you will be penalized if you don’t follow them wisely.

Learn about the strict policies, the terms and conditions, before starting with your ad campaign. At Google, you will find a list of editorial guidelines that speak about the type of ads you can run, products you can advertise, or promote your campaign. Learn about them in details before commencing your ad campaign. 

  1. It focuses on competitive segments; We all are tangled in a competitive market. It is nothing new. But what hurts is Google generate more competitive segments that actually compel the advertisers to pay more than expectations. 

Suppose you are targeting on a set of long-tail keywords. While other businesses of the same niche are also targeting the same keywords. To turn your keywords competitive, Google will ask you to pay more to advertise your products or services to the audience. This is when you need to think hard whether to pay more or run the campaign as usual. 

The Bottom Line

Running a PPC campaign on Google AdWords is definitely a good concept, especially if you have a tight budget and at no cost, you can expand it. If you look at its positive side, you will find multiple surprising benefits. For example, it is free to create an account, it offers a measurable campaign, it turns the keywords competitive, it can target the right audience with fewer efforts and time consumption, it allows users to create multiple types of ads. 

If all these fit your requirements, there is no need of looking for other alternatives. But if you are not satisfied with the features, you can definitely check out other ad generating platforms like Bing Ads, Amazon Ads, Facebook Ads, and so on. 

Hire the experts of a digital marketing agency and share your priorities with them for better results.

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