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All you need to know about tadiandamol trek

A highly popular journey among the traveling network of southern India. Tadiandamol Trek is one of the most discussed journeys between travelers heading out to their trekking venture in the Western Ghats and even experienced adventurers. The journey additionally draws many visiting the well-known slope town of Madikeri or Coorg. This by-the-way is an amazing town to live in if you are imagining relocating here. The place to begin would be to be sure.

The trek takes you to the most elevated pinnacle of the Kodagu locale and the third most noteworthy pinnacle of Karnataka. 

Tadiandamol journey is a Western ghats journey that falls in the Brahmagiri Wildlife Sanctuary of the Bhagamandala Range Forest. 

Traveling here will take you through a blend of thick shola timberlands with stream intersections, a floor covering of delightful meadows. Added to this, the adventure of arriving at the pinnacle of Tadiandamol, trekking in the midst of the mists is certainly something one should insight. 

The journey will test your perseverance, regardless of whether you are an accomplished traveler. This trip should be possible by fit novices. Notwithstanding, experience the tips and definite trip data to design it out well.

Things to look out for in the trek

Perspective on the Rolling Green hills while moving to the pinnacle of Tadiandamol 

Remaining at a tallness of 5,735 feet, the view from the peak is shocking to observe. You can see the green slopes spread across to the extent the eyes can see. This stretches out in every direction from the pinnacle. 

The valleys are loaded up with the evergreen woodlands 

Regularly this view is hard to get during the storm and post-rainstorm season when mists cover the whole area. To get clear perspectives, go not long before the beginning of the mid year season. 

Traveling in the wonderful Evergreen timberlands of Shola 

The Shola woods are hindered tropical backwoods found in valleys in the midst of moving prairie in the higher mountain areas. The journey is a hotspot for different vegetation. 

One can spot espresso homes and pepper ranches all through this whole stretch of the journey. Alongside these, you have the Arecanut (Betel nut) trees, Nutmeg trees, fishtail palms, and different trees becoming here. 

In the event that you are a sharp eyewitness while journeying across the woods, you will spot different millipedes, Calotes Versicolor reptiles, numerous types of butterflies and on the off chance that you are fortunate, perhaps recognize a snake crawling on its way across the path. You will have the organization of parasites on the off chance that you are traveling in the storm or post-rainstorm season.


Tadiandamol Trek can be separated into four areas. In the event that you are taking your own vehicle or a jeep/auto from Kakkabe, you can bar the principal segment until the Nalknad Palace. The following three segments will be substantial for you. 

Stroll out and about from Kakkabe Bridge to Nalknad Palace 

A delicate rising from Nalknad Palace to the Base of Tadiandamol 

Trip from Base of Tadiandamol to the Boulder point 

Move from Boulder highlight the pinnacle of Tadiandamol

Best season to do the trek

The best season to do Tadiandamol journey is from September to February. 

Post rainstorm, you will observe the lavish greenery of the area of Coorg in its full wonder. The journey can be reached out till the pre-summer season when the most piece of the trip has a blend of earthy colored and green. You will have much more clear perspectives contrasted with the rainstorm season. 

The mid year season is inclined to rapidly spreading fires. Consequently traveling isn’t permitted and prohibited during the pinnacle of the late spring season (April to June) 

The district gets hefty precipitation during the rainstorm season. On the off chance that you need to take this up as a storm journey, be prepared with all the correct stuff. The trouble of the journey likewise increments in the event that you go during the pinnacle of rainstorm.

Trail information

The trek is divided into sections so that you are comfortable and can take rests in between and you don’t have to trek for hours.

Section 1

Kakkebe bridge to Nalknad Palace

Distance – 5.54 km

Duration- 1 hour

Section 2

 Nalknad Palace to base of TadianDamol

Distance- 2km

Duration-55 minutes

Section 3

The base of TadianDamol to  the Boulder point

Distance- 2.30 km

Duration- 1 hour 20 minutes

Section 4

Boulder point to the peak of TadianDamol

Distance-1.68 km

Duration-1 hour 15 minutes

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