5 Important Video Marketing Tips Beneficial For Small Businesses

Want to grow your website traffic through video? 


Video marketing is one of the most significant marketing techniques that have the potential to draw a huge volume of traffic to the landing pages. Yes, we are using the word “landing pages” because not always the link attached to the video is connected to the website itself. It can be different web pages like a link to a subscription form, registration page, a quote page, and so on.

No doubt, an investment in video marketing with the help of a digital marketing service provider is a boon.   

Worried about your small budget? A professional video marketing expert knows how to meet the requirements within the budget. Here we have shared a few tips that can help to generate long-lasting results without breaking your bank.

Have a look.

5 Important video marketing tips that a small business can consider

  1. Convert blogs into videos: Looking for something effective and budget-friendly at the same time? We give you a nice idea for repurposing your blogs and converting them into videos.
    Hope you have already built a blog on a specific topic. Just use the same to create your video. No need to put in enough effort, just you need to choose lines that go with the video and turn this into visual content.

    Your blog can be created to bring quality leads and educate readers. But your video is created to build engagement and draw in more new customers to the landing page. This is the magic of repurposing!
  2. Choose live video option: Another cost-effective video marketing solution is the featured live video option that you can access on social media. Be it is your Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, or LinkedIn, you can simply turn on the live streaming button and get connected with your followers in real-time.

    Live videos often generate interest and attract the audience to view it at least once. You can use this category to share your success story, talk about your achievements, your challenges, new launching products or services, thank your customers for their support, and many more.

    Apart from putting on your views, you can also learn about different queries made by your viewers. Try to respond to all of them and get an insight into their behavior towards your business. In short, you should make the right usage of the video streaming option.
  3. Include a video to your web page: Sharing videos on social media is not enough when you are interested in generating more customers. To increase your bottom line, including the video to your landing pages or web pages.

    Putting the video on your landing pages, you are increasing the chance of getting conversions by 80%. For a small business, finding huge conversions is the primary objective. And this what you can get using this video marketing technique.
    Just a little effort and you can deliver the right message to the right audience. Apart from seeking others’ attention, videos are also responsible for improving the retention time. Retention time implies the time spent by a visitor on your video. 
  4. Shoot teaser to generate interest: Interests can be generated in multiple ways. One by creating an attractive and appealing thumbnail for the landing pages. Second by shooting a teaser for your upcoming video.
    Teasers always generate interest in potential buyers. They encourage potential buyers to make any purchase or perform any kind of action in excitement. Shooting short teasers do not take much time. Make creative content in brief that contains a glimpse of your upcoming video and share it on social channels.

    Guess what, it will boost your engagement level in minutes.
  5. Use tutorial video by recording your screen: Educational videos and tutorial videos are quite common. But what if we ask you to share the screen with your audience by creating a video?
    Just like you share the screen on Skype, similarly, you can record the screen and share the video online. For example, you want to tell your customers – how to place your order by making registration. Many buyers often get confused with the pages they need to scroll, fill, and checkout.

    For them, you can simply record your moves on the screen itself, add a voice along with subtitles, and share the recorded video with the potential buyers. 


Do you know 80% of website traffic is generated from a video? This is not just imperative for brand marketing but even have a contribution to brand visibility. The higher the audience, the more the brand makes itself visible to the online platforms. Even a small business wants to attain such an appearance over the web.

Find a company offering white label services in a cost-effective package. But make sure the package includes video marketing. After all, it’s in high demand. 

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