5 Facts You May Didn’t Know About Noise & Alertness

When sound becomes unpleasant and chaotic to ears then it becomes noise. Exposure to noise for a long tenure can cause varied hazards. It also disrupts the surrounding environment and maybe the reason for some misfortunate occurrences.

That is why it is important to keep a check and see the noise level produced in a premise. Especially when it comes to commercial premises where quite a lot of people visit every day. Expert noise monitoring services must be carried out.

Below we have enumerated some facts about noise and alertness that will further help you understand the importance of noise monitoring.

1.    Hearing loss is a major concern due to continuous loud noise
One of the major health risks caused due to exposure to prolonged loud noise is hearing loss. In fact, it is stated by the National Institute for Occupational Safety and Health (NIOSH) that noise produced above 85 decibels (dB) can create a disturbance.

The levels of such noise can be compared to an electric drill or lawnmower. Any noise that exceeds 85 dB level can be injurious to health. The NIOSH states that 1 in every 8 people exposed to loud noise above 85 dB can develop hearing loss.

  1.   White noise leads to on-the-job issues for employees
    Before we explain the issues associated with white noise, let us tell you what exactly is white noise. It is a mixture of different sound waves increasing over a broad range of frequencies. These noise levels are generally produced by computers, engines, and heavy-duty machinery.
    Such white noise at the workplace can often put people to sleep. It can create issues among shift workers or overtime employees that face a hard time staying awake at night
  2.   The performance of employees is hampered due to continuous loud noise
    Depending on the type of work performed by an individual, exposure to continuous loud noise can hinder the performance of the job. For instance, people that are associated with the task of monitoring or a task of multiple components can be impacted due to loud noise.
    Aside from causing hampered effects on job performance, exposure to continuous loud noise can also cause stress and anxiety in some people. It is always recommended to keep the noise in check and take measures to minimize the levels.
  3.   Noise on alertness can be minimized with the help of noise cancellation
    Noise cancellation devices can have a positive impact on avoiding exposure to loud noises. This technology is included in the earmuffs and generates low-frequency waves. This wave is exactly similar to the existing noise produced in a premise.
    Although the noise cancellation devices do not eliminate the loud noise altogether, however, they do an excellent job in the reduction of noise. Almost 15 to 20 dB noise levels can be reduced with the use of noise cancellation devices.
  4.   Advanced and latest technology helps in reducing noise
    Over the years, the progress observed in technology is highly impressive. In fact, hazard causing noise in the workspace can be tamed with the use of such latest and advanced technology.
    There are headsets that are specifically designed to reduce externally produced noise by 23 dB level. Also, there are noise monitoring procedures that help keep a check on the noise levels produced in a particular premise.

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