The significance of personalized motorcycle patches for bikers

When you hit the road and reach the highway you can spot many bikers who sport personalized motorcycle patches on their vests, jackets, and other gear.

When it comes to the biking community, personalized motorcycle patches are considered sacrosanct and deemed as important as the gear, jacket, custom apparel, and the bike itself. The belief in the biking community is that personalized motorcycle patches are ‘earned’ instead of just being ‘bought’.

How are personalized motorcycle patches used by bikers?

Bikers of all sorts use personalized motorcycle patches for different reasons and purposes. Bikers who belong to motorcycle associations and biker clubs use personalized motorcycle patches to show their allegiance to the different associations and clubs that they are affiliated with. Custom Jackets are important gear for every biker as it represents the association to which he/she belongs. Also, personalized Custom Jackets add to the charm and aura, which is captivating.

‘Lone-wolf’ riders who aren’t a part of any association or club also use personalized motorcycle patches to show their ‘lone- wolf’s status and to display their ideologies, attitudes, and personality traits.

Bikers who aren’t a part of any association or club often use personalized motorcycle patches to show their support for different causes or to display the kind of activities that they might have participated in as a biker. Over the years, it is common for bikers of all sorts of accumulating a large collection of personalized motorcycle patches.

How do personalized motorcycle patches improve the riding experience?

Personalized motorcycle patches improve the riding experience in various ways. Even long after you have given up riding, your collection of personalized motorcycle patches will serve as a reminder of your golden days as a rider and it will bring a smile to your face.

When you sport these personalized motorcycle patches you will easily be recognized by fellow members regardless of where you are in the world. Riding is always a lot more fun when you do it in groups with like-minded people and personalized motorcycle patches serve as your identity and bring you closer to your biking brethren.

When you take all factors into consideration and look at the bigger picture then you will realize that there are actually a lot of benefits of personalized motorcycle patches, way beyond providing visual aesthetics or relevant imagery.

How can personalized motorcycle patches be worn?

Personalized motorcycle patches can be worn in various ways. You can either choose to have large personalized motorcycle patches on the back of your jean or leather jackets or you can opt for a series of personalized motorcycle patches on your caps and vests. Here are a couple of ways in which you might want to consider using personalized motorcycle patches:-
 Jacket patches:- Out of all the options out there, jackets are perhaps the most popular option to use personalized motorcycle patches. Bikers of different associations, clubs, and groups display personalized motorcycle patches on their jackets, in a number of ways.

 Vest Patches:-

Vest Patches :-

After jackets, vests are the next most popular place to sport personalized motorcycle patches because it gives bikers the ability to personalize their attires. Personalized motorcycle patches can either be worn on the front of the vest or on the back on the west. Vertical and horizontal personalized motorcycle patches can also be placed on the heart of the vest.

 State or Regional Club patches:-

If you happen to be a biker who frequently participates in rallies and other events then you can get state or regional club personalized motorcycle patches that are customized to include the name of the state or the chapter in the design of the patch.
 Patches for bags and gear:- That’s not all, personalized motorcycle patches can also be used on hats, gear, and travel bags with the help of magnetic attachments or special glue.

The Bottom Line

Personalized motorcycle patches are a part and parcel of every bikers life and bikers tend to collect a lot
of them during the course of their riding careers. It is a view that these patches are earned instead of
being bought and if you are a rider who doesn’t use personalized motorcycle patches then you won’t be
taken seriously by other members of the biking community, regardless of if you’re affiliated to a
motorcycle association or a biker club or even if you happen to be a ‘lone-wolf’ rider.

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